I went to church for the first time since everything shut down

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I went to church for the first time since everything shut down

Reflection from Brenda Shew Gardner

I went with some family to church this morning for the first time since everything shut down.
During this this time of quarintine I experienced attack after attack from Satan through family members. My Dad died in my arms. His Brother had open heart surgery on the same day. Heartbroken family members needed consoling. The world turned upside down. Internet church just didn’t work for me any better than online Doctors visits that Drs want us to buy into. Satan on the rampage as I’ve never seen it.
My church is still closed. I am not happy about it.
I cant describe the feeling in my soul when I finally was able to sing praises and praise God in one accord with fellow believers. I raised my hands and worshiped my beloved savior. The tears began to flow as if they had just been waiting for Him to come heal them. It was like a small child running to her father who she had not seen in a long time and had needed that love and feeling of security in his arms.
I was empty and had anger and bitterness had filled my heart but I left filled, refreshed and whole again.
You can say what you want, that the church is not a building and that we are the church. It may be so but the church needs a filling station and that is God’s house. The church cannot survive I cannot survive without my Fathers House.
If they can protest…We can go to church. We need to stop the nonsense. Christians need to join in fellowship and praise in our Fathers House . Don’t wait any longer

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It is so encouraging to hear testimonies such as this, because as of now I’m really broken and lost. As of now our city government already allowed churches to open provided we follow guidelines and protocols for safety. But to my dismay, we at the church council open an online poll to get the preferred schedules of the members in attending the services. (We are obliged to do it because we are allowed to have worship service but on a 50% capacity only, so we have to divide the church worshipers.) The result of the poll was very alarming, not even a quarter of our total membership expressed their intent to come back to church. I really cried to God because I don’t know what to do, I thought people would be excited but it was the opposite.

It’s good to hear that your changing that you become one that was being handed closer and know God better. Be blessed God will provide and hear your prayers because he is our father the one and only.

Hello there @IamRichardJohn…that happened in our Church community too…they handed an online survey, stating wether the church will be fully operational or cater only 50% of the church goers…the final decision was the same as what happened in your Church… because most of the voters are afraid to risk their life especially that the pandemic is not yet over…and I guess in my part I understand them and nothing to upset about because they are really the ones who are vulnerable to acquire it…so we continue with our online masses as usual…

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Hello there @FaithinGod and thank you Brenda for this testimony… Truly indeed that nothing beats the feeling of praising God inside his house (church)…and I felt sorry to hear about your experiences… May you continue to praise God and feel his presence in times where you needed him most…

[quote=“FaithinGod, post:1, topic:3029”]
My Dad died in my arms. His Brother had open heart surgery on the same day. Heartbroken family members needed consoling. The world turned upside down
[/quote]. I can’t even begin to imagine what Brenda’s gone through. I lost my father to cancer 11 years ago and sometimes I still get teary-eyed remembering the day he died.

Times are crazy today with the virus and violence all over. I have to say I am personally afraid to mingle with people and join a worship service for now, but given Brenda’s situation I have to agree that worshiping with the brethren is uplifting.

Prayers for Brenda, for you too @FaithinGod and for everyone in this community

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Yes that’s true maam @MakkaPakka. that’s the reason why I’m really praying that God will help me and give me an understanding heart, compassionate enough to level with most of the church goers. I’m praying that God will lead me to see that not all Christians posses or manifest the same fire and passion as me. What’s important is our faith and belief that Jesus is our only savior.

Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Pretty interesting statement… I agree with some of the things said, but not all of them. I agree that you can feel lonely and angry, and that going to church was an experience of sharing and praising the Lord, one which many people have as an habit. But I don’t know if I agree with the sentiment of re opening. I mean, I am against racism, but I am also 100% against protest right now, the virus is still out there. I mean, there have been too many reports of gathering in church’s which ended in many deaths… I don’t know to be honest, why does so many people look like they don’t care about a pandemic? Or act as if it has already ended? I whish it could have ended already… But we are not there yet…
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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I agree with you sir @Luis_Ruiz…Even if I don’t know any of those rallying and protesting, I feel worried seeing them… Instead of lowering the cases of the infected people, possible things are; it will not just double the cases but tripled it…This is not the time for hatred, this must be the time wherein we practice unity, peace, and love…

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You can read the Bible. It helps a LOT! I’ve been doing that.
Besides many, many free Bible apps available.

Also reading “Foxe’s book of Martyrs” which you can even get to online:

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
Yes… You couldn’t have said it better. You could say that never it’s a good time for hatred, but to phrase it better, it’s not the time to actively fight against hatred in the way that’s has been done… While I accept and see the noble aspect of it, I fear of a rise on cases and even worse death by it if things keep like they are…
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

I agree with you sir. I understand her need of God’s help but going out there is very risky, not only to the person who went out but also to the person he/she may meet. We are battling a virus that cannot be seen. We are not 100% sure if the place we are going or the people we meet along the way are positive or not. When you put yourself at risk, you are also putting other people at risk. The least we can do to help the frontliners in battling this pandemic is to cooperate. They are sacrifing their lives to heal the lives of thousands of people. Let us not put their sacrifices to waste by not cooperating.

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As we leave our houses, may we also put in mind those medical workers sacrificing their lives to fight this virus. They get tired too, everyday there are numerous new cases. It is also sad in their part that they cannot see their families because they are needed in the hospital to cure those who are infected. Their journey in fighting this virus can affect them mentally, emotionally, and physically.

@Luis_Ruiz: If they will not stop… the consequence is, the infected people will rise and more frontliners will be on risk…just like what happened in Philippines… Let us just continue to pray Sir for everyone’s safety…

We need to follow Rules or Law. We need to stay one.
I know that Fathers House has a different feeling when you are there. Its uplifting. But right now protesting is not the key or the solution on the Virus. No one wants in this situation. Make a way for example on our church we are doing worships and Bible studies using Zoom Application or other Meeting Video Apps. You can use that. The application is created by our God he only use people to create that because he already knows that this will happen. And Great thing we are all enjoying it having a virtual relationship. Be Productive in this Time of Pandemic God will make a Way.

Hello, dear @kianna
Exactly that… The virus is still on the street and well, if she was attacked by the tragedy of death she should be taking care of herself more… I don’t know, I fully reject the claim that to talk to God you need to go to the church, the church building is just that a building. Being church, being Christian, praising God doesn’t need that.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Two thumbs up Sir @Luis_Ruiz…though for some people, nothing beats the feeling of going to the Church, but for now staying at our home and preach God at home is the only least we can do… I agree with you upon saying that a church is a building, what matters most is how deeply rooted our faith to God is…

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I can relate to this. The feeling of being in the church physically is totally different from attending an online service. In Church, you can totally feel His presence even before entering the building. What you’ve been through is pretty tough, I am praying for your continuous healing and may He give you the grace to see Him outside His church.

Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
Thank you for promoting my comment hehe. I understand the feeling of going to the church, to the mass and how special it can be. It is for me too! But that’s not it, I mean I don’t need the building to feel my faith… That’s what I don’t understand of the original reflection, she doesn’t even talks about the mass or anything special, I’m not disregarding her feelingd or situation, but faith and God is not the image you can see on the church… I don’t know if it feels a little cruel.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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Two thumbs up again Sir @Luis_Ruiz…it is not the church who can save us, but it is how deep our faith is…church is merely a place where you can develop and learn more about faith together with your fellow worshippers and believers…