... I will celebrate before the LORD. —2 Samuel 6:21

… I will celebrate before the LORD.
—2 Samuel 6:21

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…
David was ridiculed for his exuberance as he rejoiced with dancing at the Ark of the Covenant’s return home. He refused, however, to be deterred by such criticism. The ark’s return was a reason for celebration. His God was the only true and living God. His God had given him victory after victory from dangerous foes. His God has preserved His people through all sorts of hardships and difficulties over a long history of challenges, oppression, wandering, and battling. David was determined he would and delighted he could celebrate before the Lord. Shouldn’t we?

Lord God Almighty, full of grace and mercy, awesome in power and holiness, you are my joy, my hope, and my future. I rejoice in you as the only One, and the only thing, worthy of all glory, honor, and praise. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Let us all rejoice before the Lord God! Let us not only cry with Him but also celebrate our victories with Him! Praise the Lord God Jesus Christ!

Lord will help us to change what we feel if we really want. Sometimes you become down but you will be soon conquers what you want attain, that’s Jesus Christ for us.

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David didn’t mind about the criticisms thrown at him because he wants to give what is due to his God, he owes everything to God who sustained and guided Him through all of his endeavors. That’s why David is my favorite character in the bible, though he fell a and gave into worldly temptations his heart still belongs to God.

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That is right, all we have to do is ask Him for help. Pray to Him and things will be okay. He cares and loves us so much, He will surely help us.