I will go forth when you say.. I will stop if it’s not your will

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I will go forth when you say.. I will stop if it’s not your will

I will go forth when you say
I will stop if it’s not your will
It depends on your will, whether I will go or stop
Oh Lord God, Please lead me to your way
where you want me to be, I want to be there with you
I will obey your command and will live as you lead me
for the sake of the Lord’s kingdom and his will
Oh Lord God, Please lead me to your way


A wonderful poem by Joanna Fuchs

We’ll Get Through This

Lord, our troubles
Are so great,
We don’t know what to do;
The price for our
Is finally coming due.

The world is crumbling
All about;
No safe place can be found.
Right is wrong,
Wrong is right;
The change is quite profound.

Lord, we need
Your guiding light
To lead us out of here;
We’ll focus on
Your Word, and prayer,
To take away our fear.

Temptations of
This dying world
We’ll rule out and let go;
Give our burdens
All to you,
Shed all worldly woe.

That’s how we’ll
Get through this, Lord,
Fixed on heaven above,
Assured of your
protection, help,
And everlasting love.

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A wonderful reminder that even with this Covid-19 outbreak, the Lord God is still greater and more powerful than ever. We will get through this deadly pandemic. This virus is nothing compared to the Lord God. The Lord God’s love is everlasting, He will always protect us. :yellow_heart: Give your full trust to the Lord!

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Yes, We’ll trust our Lord in every situation in our life. God just want us to be on the right path. Lord lead us on our way to your palace. We do everything we can so we’ll be on your side.

Hello, dear @faithbeet
Lovely stuff to read. Thank you to @kianna for letting us know that’s a poem and the author of it, we sometimes forget about it, but it’s important to recognize the work of the others!
Regarding the poem, I even though it was a song hehe, I like it a lot, especially because that’s what I try to make my philosophy of life, does God want me to go? Does him want this for me? I meditate and pray when I face difficult decisions, this helps me to manage the situation that I normally wouldn’t find enjoyable, but if it’s God will, who am I to question it?
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Its all going to be okay
Life will reopen
Suffering will turn into strength
Wounds will become wisdom
Chaos will give way to clarity
For we are human
And so we will survive
We will get through this
God will meet us exactly where we are
There is hope after the storm
He will meet us in the end
He will save us all

Wow what a wonderful poem. I have a favorite poem to I used to read this when i feel so down. Hope you like it too.
Love can’t be described.
It has no shape, it has no form.
Love is not an object.
Love does not conform.

Love enters our lives
The moment we are born.
From the cradle to the grave,
Love’s in everyone.

Love burns like a candle
That sometimes flickers but never dies.
Love may be invisible,
Although it’s right before your eyes,

Love can leave you empty,
Love can make you whole.
Love can make or break you,
Love is in your soul.

Love is in your heart,
Love is in your mind.
Love doesn’t discriminate,
Love is always blind.

Love is universal,
It encompasses the globe.
No matter where you are,
Love has a language all its own.

Love is all around you.
There’s plenty of love to spare.
You cannot see or touch it,
But love is everywhere.

Love’s the greatest power,
And yet it is so small.
Love’s a gift from God
To be shared amongst us all.

Source: Poem About The Power Of Love, A Gift From God

It’s a feeling of a good decision, when it comes to better decision in life we need this kind of master piece of motivation with the guidance of the Lord.

I like reading qoutes or books with motivation thoughts like this one:

You’re out hiking, and the only way to cross a river in your path is to traverse an old rickety bridge. Your body may have an instinctual and visceral reaction, resulting in the emotion FEAR. This only means in every decisions we encounter never let our emotions, overpower our intelligence.

Once you crossed the bridge mentioned earlier, you focused on what other obstacles might lay in your path. This may result in the FEELING of being afraid. This is similar to the fearful emotion, but distinctly different in that it is the THOUGHTS about the EMOTION that create the FEELING. We’ve experience these, but remember our feelings are just visitors let them come to fix the unusual feelings and let them go when there seems it needs to be gone.

Using the bridge example again, after crossing, you may have ruminated about how difficult your hiking path was. Or you may have thought about how many other obstacles could be ahead. These THOUGHTS lead to FEELINGS – feeling afraid as one example.

In changing your thoughts, by association, you can alter your feelings.

You can CHOOSE what you focus on (for example, by choosing to think about the excitement of an adventure rather than what other obstacles may lie ahead).

And you can CHOOSE to feel brave rather than afraid.

Changing our thoughts and feelings related to emotional experiences is not necessarily easy.

However, you CAN affect substantial positive change in your life by reframing your thoughts. It merely takes practice.

Ultimately, the truest benefit is an enhanced life experience.

A wonderful poem indeed! A simple reminder that no matter what the world is going through right now, the Lord is here to protect us. He is powerful and loving! We need not to worry because faith will save us. We will all go through this together with God’s grace. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We should lift all our pain and doubt to the Lord and give Him our trust.

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Indeed! God is greater than our worries and sufferings!
Psalm 46:1-2, 7 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea; The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.” :yellow_heart:

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