I woke up with something I can’t quite describe in words

This morning, in the wee hours of the morning, around 2am or so, I woke up with something I can’t quite describe in words. I was hearing… a waterfall of bible verses. I know it sounds so strange but there’s no better way to describe it. A voice that sounded like wind blowing and water falling at the same time, was reciting the beatitudes and the psalms and pieces of Matthew and Luke. It was like a song coming from a voice I’ve never heard before. I’m not sure what it meant but it gave me the biggest smile and comforted my soul, that I could fall back asleep right away knowing I’m always being watched over. Just thought I’d share. Thank you.

April DeAndre

Holy spirit whispering in your eat to hear the truth. Praise God. Keep studying the word and he’ll take you on an incredible journey stay strong in the Word of truth! He’s warning the church…

Misty Jones Gipson

The Holy Spirit was very likely protecting you. The enemy cannot break through the Word. He did the same with me one night when a dark spirit came to sift through my mind. They oft want to know what the Lord is showing His people. The Lord created … See more

Brandilyn Chalmers

Hope you have a great Sabbath in a couple days! To know we are in Him and His Word/Truths is a comfort.

Charles ‘Richard’ Miller