I wonder have ppl noticed how these transliterations are altering scripture

I wonder have ppl noticed how these transliterations are altering scripture…for instance the KJV says; Rom8:1 “There’s now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ; who walk after the spirit and not after the flesh”… other translations then omit the “those who walk after the spirit and not after the flesh”… i wonder why…??

Jæý Møkøənã

All translations alter the scripture. Unless one reads what was written in the original language from the original documents we are reading what the translator believe what was originally written and what the writers we trying to say. On to on that we… See more

Kevin Luke

Well yeah because KJV is Antiochian text meaning from the Jewish scripture themselves and NIV is Alexandria text meaning like Alexandria the great two different accountability of God Amen

Street Preacher

In this world where both spiritual and secular enemies conspire to distort the truth wherever it resides; it is vital for those who seek truth to research and compare resources and information, while praying for truth to be available that one can recog… See more

Dom Leonard

I sincerely do not wish to upset anyone with my input on this topic. I can only state what happened to me when after true repentance the experience I had which completely changed my life.
I began attending a local Christian church (denomination not relevant). It was me truly seeking the Lord and His truth.
While attending I was reading a Good News Bible translation. I was reading it for 5-6 months.
One evening I could feel a great crushing anxiety coming over me and I honestly humbled myself and told my Lord Jesus I was so lost and pathetic I didn’t even know to what extent I was sinning.
Well, at that, I felt awash in a love and peace which was beyond anything I had ever experienced. It was a love and peace that was so powerful it was almost tangible. More happened that I choose not to elaborate at this time, but I can honestly write my whole perception of life changed immediately and dramatically.
Which brings me to the topic at hand. The next day as I began reading New Testament passages in my Good News Bible translation, which previously I had no issue in reading, I was now shocked with an insight which was not my own that it was full of “errors.” This version which I previously enjoyed reading because it was so easy to understand was now filled with scriptural inaccuracies. I’m a far cry from being a scriptural theologian but now, I just somehow knew passages were inaccurate.
I was soon after gifted with an old KJV Bible which many may not like, but was now the only Bible I choose to own and study from.
Again I wish to stress I never before thought about this or that bible version. Never entered my mind.
Was never a “KJV” only person. The church I was attending didn’t even use the old King James Bible. So it didn’t influence me.
I now seriously know there’s an enemy out there trying to distort God’s Word. This enemy also loves to seed confusion.
We are indeed in a real spiritual war.