. I wonder why God still has me in this world?

I feel like I’ve outlived my usefulness. The kids are grown and gone. I just repeat my routine daily. I wonder why God still has me in this world?

Michael David Mazeall Sr

I find reading God’s word helps meSeek out this answer. Especially in the gospels and New Testament. Also read through psalms and proverbs toFind direction. Be a light in the darkness my friend. Get connected in church and community. I hope what I do… See more

Mitchell Ross

My husband feels like this often. (He’s 79) An important use of your time could be praying for your kids, everyone in your family. Don’t give into the lies of the enemy. This is some of what I tell my honey. Since God’s leaving you here, He has a purpo… See more

Doralyn Maris

I felt that way also when our last one left home. I worked but was so tired. Then one day almost 3 yrs ago now ( time flies) we adopted a baby boy. My heart is full again . God is so good. Not saying that will happen to you but you never know what can … See more

Joanne Laura MacWilliams