I would donate my eggs so that a family with a mother who’s not able to produce eggs , I’m conflicted on the biblical stand point?

Good morning I’m looking for guidance on a decision I have wanted to make. I’ve looked into the possibly of egg donation. I would donate my eggs so that a family with a mother who’s not able to produce eggs is able to have a baby. However I’m conflicted on the biblical stand point? God created us and thus created science. He created medicine. He also wants us to be loving and to help each other but at the same time is it his plan that those woman be unable to have children? Am I getting in the way of that plan? I’m really looking for some scripture to help me meditate and navigate this as well as some spiritual guidance.

Bri Poole

The child would be yours so not a good idea. There are many children awaiting adoption. Your sentiments are noble but I believe will lead to conflict for any baby born this way. All children want to know their bio parents.

Oliver Kent

Pray about it my dear .and he’ll give you answers. Also so true my brother. There are children waiting for adoption

Annie Ramnarine

Complicated. Maybe they should adopt instrad of you donating your eggs. To be on the safe side.

Amy Jowo Koha Amponsah

Science was not given by God, science was to find God and prove Him. No, God would not want this. He would not want you having a biological child with a stranger for another stranger to raise as their own. Just because science has perverted His ways, d… See more

Alicia Ashland

Why make your eggs available when there are so many children that would LOVE to have a family? Although I do admire your heart!

Dennis Fothergill

To those mother who can’t have baby they’re not your responsibility,. It’s God responsibilities.Nothing is impossible with God ,. God has His own purpose of your life , to help others is a good thing but not all the ways is good .Biologically you are… See more

Ranoco B. Mgrace

I will share my story with you. 32 years ago I already had a 4 year old child and was pregnant with my daughter. My husband at the time was a drug addict so I left.I was a single mother with no funds or a job to take care of her so I decided to go thro… See more

Michelle T Almand