If anyone ever wondered what the word Bible actually means

If anyone ever wondered what the word Bible actually means. It means: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Just wanted to share

Tyler Davis

No it doesn’t. The information contained in the Bible is not basic. It is almighty, powerful, flesh defeating, and the Divine Word of God. It is the one thing we all must live and abide by. It is the amazing truth.

Jozif Badmon

BasicInstructions Before… See more

Lorelei Sargent

Be informed before leaving earth.

Tholsee Reddy

Be careful about what you find on Google, it has become a propaganda.

Ally Su

Holy - distinguished, different, set apart from the rest, to be revered… if you take a whole cake and cut out a slice and set it aside, that slice is different and has purpose apart from the rest.Bible - ancient paper called papyrus that was used to … See more

Chris Torre

The Bible is not primarily about man. It’s about God becoming a man and saving a specific people who were a love gift from the Father to the Son who are made alive by the Spirit in God’s appointed time, without an eye to the future. There’s a perfect u… See more

Ashley Moore