If God is Love , and Love keeps no record of wrongs , then how could there be a judgement and God still keep all his promises?

I have a really heavy question. Let’s see if I ask this right, Father Lord…grant me direction and clarity.
If God is Love (1 John 4:16), and Love keeps no record of wrongs ( 1 Corinthians 13:5) then how could there be a judgement and God still keep all his promises?
I pray this question doesn’t create division, but promotes and encourages unity for God’s will, in God’s kingdom, for God’s glory.

Michael Lynn Taylor Jr.

Love cannot exist without justice… That will be permissiveness and not love.

Koshie Rachen

Love keep no record to those who ask for forgiveness, for those who repent ND stop their wicked ways. Then love overlook all their offences

Silas Amen Nkomo

God is love, but he also has every right to bring wrath upon mankind, because we are all born sinners because of what happened in the garden. He will never leave not forsake you, and you can claim that and every other promise, but He requires that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and to confess your sin and turn from it to receive eternal life. Whether you choose to accept Jesus or not, He will still love you and will never stop being a loving God–but He won’t force you to accept what Jesus did at the cross as your means to receive eternal life. That’s how.

Susan Miller

God is Love and at thesame time He is a God of justice

Wilna L Domepnas

My God is all love,truth, and righteous, judgment. All human beings have the right to choose God or the world… That’s that free will!!! Now God looks at heart and saw that man’s hearts were desperately WICKED. God cannot let anything defile back into His Kingdom. That’s why He made way back to Him, in the man Jesus Christ our Lord and savior!!! Do you want the truth of God or the lust of the world?? God bless everyone. Please keep spreading the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. I love you all brothers and sisters in Jesus name.

Drew Clarke

God doesn’t keep a record of wrong against anyone bcos he’s already judged all wrong on his son but if u reject his son u reject the means of being forgiven. People dont go to hell for sin, they go to hell for rejecting Jesus.

Ofilwe Ralph Mabilo

God said once we repent he takes our sin and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness and he will never mention them anymore. He also said that he will cast them as far as the East is from the West. But judgement day is for everyone. Cause every (not just sinners) but EVERY KNEES shall bow and EVERY TONGUE shall confess that Jesus is Lord. On judgement day only the righteous will see a loving God but the wicked will face a God that has no mercy or grace they will face a God full of anger and wrath.

Kevin Jackson