If God is so perfect, then why did he create something so imperfect allowing pain, suffering and daily atrocities?

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If God is so perfect, then why did he create something so imperfect allowing pain, suffering and daily atrocities?

God as known to be the creator of the world is man’s imaginary creation - an artificial being.
Hence it carries all the imperfection that man had like anger, jealousy, vengeful tendencies etc.
The prophets belonged to a less civilized era where Might is Right prevailed. Hence the god/s created by them had the qualities of the lesser peaceful prophets.
With civilization came democracy but the gods have not changed. Even today man uses the same gods as imagined by the prophets.
Nature has no good and no bad. Whatever evolved had their own tendencies be it the lion killing the deer or the crow killing the chickens.
Man made atrocities are artificial - happening in the name of civilization - like tribes attacking other tribes and cults attacking peaceful civilians in the name of what they think is the order from God.
The imperfection lies in humans when it comes to pain, suffering and daily atrocities by humans.

God is so perfect, then why did he create something so imperfect allowing pain, suffering and daily atrocities?

Suppose you are GOD, and you are supposed to create something called universe. What will you will make ?
Oh all the good stuff known. Yup right anyone would do that. HENCE YOU WILL CREATE SOMETHING CALLED FREEDOM. Since Freedom comes under good category.
But will you ever create something which is called as “EVIL characteristic”? don’t think about doing evil. I am talking about evil emotions. If they don’t exist on first place, doing something evil because we have freedom doesn’t come to existence. Hence we can understand form this that GOD has not created anything. The world exist. It is made up of 6 Substance. called living, Non living, Space, Motion, Rest, and Time. Can you think beyond this ? We can put everything into one of these category.
So God exist. But he has not created anything. He himself comes under category of Living. All he can do is observe. What is GOD?
GOD is something which is pure and good.
He knows everything the past present and future.
If he tries to help someone to take our revenge or fight someone or even allows freedom (he knows what we are gonna do of that freedom- evil things ) isn’t he supporting evil in some or the other way? Yes he does. That means he is not involved in such stuff. Nor he has given us any kind o freedom nor he helps us in any good or bad deed. He just observes. And that is the only why in which he can stay pure. Getting involved somewhere will make him impure.

Such a imperfect word to use when we don’t have any knowledge about our creation.
So, firstly, please no hateful comments. If a debate on whether God exists or not starts, it will sincerely not end.
What is being perfect?
Even if God is perfect, perfect things are like straight lines, and a line can’t be exactly straight. There has to be some deformity even at atomic level.
How would you like being perfect? The same routine repeated day in and day out. No pain, no emotions, nothing. Humans would become devoid of humane nature.
God neither created black nor white. He created grey. He created the universe so that nothing is perfect, but at the end of the day, everything is balanced out.
There can’t be good without bad. If their is no bad, good will become normal. It all depends on the perspective.

There’s a theory on ‘why God created’ that I find interesting.
It seems God wanted a second one to love so created it all out of Him/Her/ItSelf - ‘ekoham bahusyaam’ - ‘may many come out of me’ & to all that was created freewill was given, with the precondition that one suffers the good/bad results of all one does. & the freewill included the greatest freewill of all, of the option of returning back to it’s purest state before it was created, anytime during the game of life it created out of it’s own actions & choices, by wanting peace/God alone - it’s like the freedom to enjoy your favorite game & with an additional option of an ever available TimeOut whenever you please.
So there’s a deeper layer of perfection under all these visible imperfections, is a way to look at it. Or that God created it all perfect, including you & then each one of us made it progressively imperfect by our bad choices taken by overusing our freewill. & as we continue to like the game, we keep playing it. There will come a time when we had enough of the game & our freewill, & wants peace alone & then we can trace our way, all the way back to where ‘we came from’:slight_smile:
So also may be the importance of love, while living - not lust or attachment or selfish love - but to experience ‘giving pure love’ may have been why we were created in the 1st place…

The universal existence is the virtual reality that coexist as a natural phenamena of pure presence that simply is, all the suffering etc are our making as per our presence, that got separated by misplaced awareness, which creates ignorance of one’s originality that derives an alter ego of the conscious form in existence. The nearer one gets to pure presence or God, the more free and happy is the presence, till the presence surrenders itself totally to originality.