If God will grant you a wish right away, what would you ask for?

If God will grant you a wish right away, what would you ask for ?

If God given me the chance to get my dream. I only want happiness. No one knows how my life is getting mesirable each day. Sometimes I would say How I wish I would never been born. But there’s nothing I can do but to keep going carrying the burden I had as always.

@Jedidiah: If only God will grant my wish right away, I would like to wish for a lot of money… not for my own benefit but for those people who are more in poverty due to lockdown. It hurts me seeing people who rely only in relief goods as of this moment. “If only” I have lots of money, I will donate it to everyone most especially that our President in the Philippines is seeking for help too.:pensive:

God Is Not A Genie In A Bottle!!!

Ugh. What are you? Atheist? Agnostic? Mystic?

Hello, dear friend,
Of course God is not a genie or something like that, but it’s just a question. @Jedidiah is just asking a question, be it for fun, entertainment or to see what would the answer of other fellow Christians.
I feel you have anger or hate in your heart, please meditate about it. This is not a place for bad feelings.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero


Hello, dear @Jedidiah,
Answering your question, I would probably reject the wish. If I could talk to God is a way that he would offer me something like that, I would say to him to just keep the wish and make the world better. Maybe, just maybe, I would ask him to accelerate the COVID vaccine process haha.
Even still, it’s always the will of God that will be made, not ours, and he’s always making the right choice for us, even if we don’t understand it.
Kind regards

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I understand why you might feel I have “hate or anger in my heart”.

It is merely outrage at the concept that we can get “wishes” from God. God is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. I have a very high view of God. To me this question is not for entertainment either. God is not entertaining. God is not to play with. God is a serious subject.

Does that make it more understandable?

I bet it doesn’t. I ran across this tonight, and thought that this makes a much better case for my outrage, or at least the reason behind it.

The Meaning of Holiness: The Holiness of God with R.C. Sproul

I would want this pandemic to finally end. I see so many people struggling and in pain. Many people are in a very rough place. People getting hurt, people losing their jobs, people not seeing their families, people suffering from hunger. I pray this all will end!