If I for example only live 100 years which means I committed sin for only 100 years

If I for example only live 100 years which means I committed sin for only 100 years. 1:So why is hell eternal?
2: it not fair for GOD to punish me for eternity in hell for example 1000000 years for just 100 years of sinning. GOD know we’re not immortal.

T Zuriel Woods

If you’re capable of asking that question why would you not except Jesus Christ as your Lord? If knowing this you choose to reject him I think you have your answer

Paul Haller

Hell is not eternal for the sins you commit every day…Hell is eternal for rejecting God’s free gift of salvation, which eradicated Adam’s original sin from the fallJust for the record, by your logic; if, over the course of 100 years, you slip up and do a few good things…Then heaven should not be eternal either

Julie Allen

You choose to be punished when you reject Jesus Christ. It was your choice.

Deborah Moon Kesler

Why isn’t it fair? You assume you are more just than God!

Kevin Young

FYI, we aren’t punished for our sin so much as we are granted our earthly wish. That is to say if you choose to have God in your life by accepting His offer of salvation He’ll grant you that in eternity. If you choose to not have Him in your life He’ll grant you that as well…

Kevin Young

God does not send anyone to hell. You choose to go there, by rejecting Him and living by your ways and spitting on His commandments, committing abominations.It’s like someone who insults another person and then knocks to his door saying let me in. Would you expect him to welcome the wicked one?God is Love but also Justice, and THANK GOD justice will be done for all the pedos and murderes that don’t get condemned to jail on earth, cause they are too rich and powerful. Justice will be done for everyone and everything, and truth will be put under light.Once you accept Jesus as your savior and are baptized, the Holy Spirit enters you, changes you (new spirit, new heart, becoming a new creation) and guides you. You don’t even want to sin no more. You see everything through God’s eyes. You get “born again”."Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit."The only thing is to acknowledge Jesus Christ as your God and Lord and Savior, the only one who will judge the world. Every knee will BOW and every tongue will confess Him at judgement day. It’s not a matter of for how long you have sinned, just 1 sin, even a small lie when you were a kid makes you a sinner. And NO ONE except Christ, God the son, who has His throne at the right hand of the Father, and who came down to save us, is sinless.And no sinner can enter heaven. Only those who have Jesus blood, grace and mercy on them.

Diane Sands

Bc God is eternal and God gave us a way out. He gave us Jesus Christ. He presented us a way to be saved from our sins. God is Holy forever. His Holiness doesnt stop after 100 years or 10000years or 1000000 years so His judgements are forever too. God just cant let sin into His Kingdom after He had His only begotten Son die for it. If that was the case, if after so long he was gonna say okay ur done then whats the use of us living right now if we knew that at some point we would be reunited with Him!!!

Marcus Carter