If, in the beginning, there was only God and he created everything, why would he create angels that had the propensity to defy him?

If, in the beginning, there was only God and he created everything, why would he create angels that had the propensity to defy him?

because God being the great creator he is wanted interaction, he works in truth so he wanted true results. If he coded it into us to love him no matter what would that be true love? would that be true companionship? He gave us free will because everything else out there that exists has been created by him. What do you give to the man (GOD) who has everything ? giving him material things is tantamount to re-gifting something. Its his material to begin with. some say everything we create is actually sub-creation because there is nothing that we make that does not consist of something that is already made. Our love for him is the truest gift that can be given, it is something that we can give that we can create uniquely . our experiences can lead us to hate God and his creation or it can lead us to love him. but that true uncoerced love is what he desires . so the free will he gave us can turn out to be something bad but it can also turn out to be something truly beautiful and so im sure he would not mind taking the risk.

The Bible doesn’t say much about the rebellion of Satan and the other angels who followed him, but from the verses we do have it can be deduced that Lucifer, who was most likely the highest of the angelic host (Ezekiel 28:12-18), decided to try to take God’s throne and become God himself (Isaiah 14:12-14). It is commonly understood from Revelation 12:4 that a third of the angels were in support of Lucifer and followed him when he fell.

God offers no explanation as to why this occurred, but we do know from elsewhere in Scripture that God refers to the angels that did not fall as his “elect angels” (1 Timothy 5:21). Apparently, just as it is with humanity, the angels were found to have either of two invested natures, some with a nature that loved God and sought to follow Him, and some that when given the chance to rebel, took it. We do not know why God chose to do things this way. We can only assume that in His infinite wisdom, He deemed it to be the best way. The Bible makes it clear that God did not force the fallen angels to fall, for He cannot tempt anyone to evil and is not tempted to evil Himself (James 1:13), so it must be assumed that the demons fell because it was in their nature to do so, and when given the choice to rebel against God, they did what they desired to do.

the Bible does not tell us God’s reasons for doing what He did. But we do know that human beings choose to rebel against God unless He intervenes and creates a new heart in them (Ezekiel 36:26; John 3:3; Ephesians 2:8-9). Possibly, it works the same way with the angels; those not restrained by the gift of a godly nature will rebel when given the choice to do so.

It is puzzling, from a human perspective, when we consider that God foreknew these things and still allowed them. However, God’s nature is exhibited in everything. His wrath and justice as well as His love and grace and mercy are shown through the existence of evil and rebellion in ways that never could occur without them. If, as the Psalmist says “His way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30), God has committed no wrong in allowing the angels to sin. In fact, this allowance is part of His perfect plan. Perhaps the best way to understand why God allowed the angels to sin is to remember that everything God allows will ultimately glorify Him in some way – even when a finite mind cannot understand how (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Why would God create any of us….than grant us the freedom to deify
And reject IT ? There can be no evil except in things which are in potentiality. Potentiality existed among the angels, mostly in form of pride, That free will is exercised daily by mankind in the form of denying IT even existing.

In the Devine plan there had to to be temptation for Christ.

Would you want to be forced into anything? If you were FORCED into doing good, YOU wouldn’t be doing it. God would be. And you would be a puppet on strings, therefore God wouldn’t be doing good if he was violating your will.

God doesn’t want slaves, he wants self-willing servants and friends.