If there is another world better than this then Why God keep us in this sinful world?

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If there is another world better than this then Why God keep us in this sinful world?

Even i had this kind of questions more before but i pray about it…i am very sure that God does everything with a strong reason, as we have more fellowship with the Lord…

I believe Jesus because i saw a sign of him. But if there is another world better than this.Why he send us this sinner world or confusing world?Please to all christian i need your answer

God’s heart is Only good, the father wants that everyone should have the eternal life so he placed us like lights so that through us he could save everyone

i think it is complex question. Actually, God does not change people’s free will, so many bad thing happen. i think God wants us to change in heart to choose Him.

Jesus know our hearts. He is also the victim of the sinful world. We should know His love for us. He can heal our heart and give us hope with His truth and power. And this world will be restored to the Kingdom of God finally.

God have a plan on every person who come to the world, the kingdom of God is better then the world on earth, if we want go to the heaven will must believe in Jesus and run the way of to be holy, and also Jesus give us the big mission, it must be done in the world on earth.

After I have baby, I could understand better. This life was from a small seed, whenever I look at his daily growing, I felt so amazing. He came to this world without anything, he was so small and weak. Without caring and love, he can not live and grow. I could see how I came to this world, how I was formed and modded by God’s hand. I love him so much, and he received a lot of love from me and my husband, his grand parents and many others. God give me the life, he let me to receive love and to love, he let me experienced great joy, let me have chance to bear the fruit of love, after I die I will go to meet God and live with him forever.

The origin of this world is not as it is now. It’s full of love and happiness. This world became a sinful world because of the fall of the human. To save people and to save this world is the purpose that Jesus came to this world. People will be restored and this world also will be restored in the future.