If there is any way as a Christian that I can persuade her or encourage her to teach her kids about God

Hello all I wanted your opinion because I’ve been thinking about something that’s really been bugging me. My brother’s ex-girlfriend that I’m still close to because she had my niece and nephew says that she was brought up in the church. She believes in guardian Angels. She believes in God but she does not talk to her kids about God because she said that when she was growing up it was shoved down her throat in the most unchristian like way and now she doesn’t want to be the one to do that to her kids and I’m just worried about my niece and nephews eternity. I’ve tried to talk to her about it and she doesn’t cuss me out or yell at me or anything like that but she’s with a man that believes in science and I just found out that my brother whom she was with prior to this new guy is an atheist and that just kills me it breaks my heart it really does.
I’m wondering if there is any way as a Christian that I can persuade her or encourage her to teach her kids about God because I feel don’t know about him now they’re going to reject the idea of him later. And I have sent her a list of children’s Bible shows like veggie tales and adventures in Odyssey things that I grew up with in hopes that she would allow the kids to watch these and you know we’ll see if they like them and then if they do she can go from there. But I just don’t want to feel like I’m shoving it down her throat. What do I do?

Novena Yvette Clendenen

Pray and put it in God’s hands. Pray daily for the Holy Spirit open her eyes. Seems you have done all possible and with her history along with no longer being with your brother , you are in a most difficult place. She is no longer obligated to be yo… See more

Pat Grantham Bonds

Pray that she will change her mind. Her family sounded like radical people who thought force was the way to be Christians. How old are the kids? I think (only my opinion) the children should be told about God and His Son and all the glorious things the… See more

Shirley Gatlin

Thank you everyone. To answer some questions. My nephew and my niece are 4 & 2. They live in Kentucky where is I live in Ohio so it’s hard to take them with me to church. And no they are not into anything satanic their children they’re not being shown … See more

Novena Yvette Clendenen