If today was your last day, what minutes would you hold sacred?

If today was your last day, what minutes would you hold sacred? We just blow through our days. Though we don’t know -how much we truly loose in a day. Depending on our situation, our life either goes down the drain each day - Or we get to the end of our day and sincerely thank God for it. We are given each day
We don’t just wake up for nothing. We were all given life, to truly live it for purpose. Not for this world. In this world we are drained of life, worried to death, hopeless and vain. But with God there is peace still through the stress of this world. Even when death is at the door, God strengthens our spirit. He steps in the way of darkness. Reveals the true path for us. Gives us life in ever way. He already gave us His life, shed all His blood for us. Rose again on the third day. If you accept His salvation. There is true purpose for us. For His path, truth, knowledge, unconditional love, trust that doesn’t fail (like man does) and life everlasting. No matter what evil comes our way, blame, unforgiveness, pain, and grief. Even if our time is up. He has our time in His hands
The fruits of the spirit grown from through our branches, His vein within us. Looking forward to each day by His side
John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

Minajarie C. Russell

God made this wondrous earth for us. Flowers seeds clouds sunshine mountains and so much more. I know we get tired and battle weary, but never cease to be amazed at what God has created for us. Xoxo

Eva Pagett

I want everything God has for me. I have been walking this narrow path home to Heaven for a little while now. The closer I get to that straight gate, the more the scenery of this world ceases to amaze me. If I knew I was going home tomorrow, I might re… See more

Lance Carter