If you think you're the most unlucky person, Then please open your eyes

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A very bold statement for us to open our eyes and it is a sad truth to how we have been very selfish to think only of ourselves. It is also very important for us to open our hearts and empathize with others who carry burdens which are far more heavier than what we have. We should correct the feeling of being lucky and unlucky, as Christians we should always recognize the presence of God in our lives. Acknowledging that we belong to Christ and that He won’t allow anything to happen to us unless it is part of His will. Most importantly He allows trials in our live because He knows that we can handle it with His guidance and help.

Sometimes if we face a difficult circumstances wherein we think there is no way out, we feel we are the most unlucky person in the universe. But the truth is, there are more other people who are battling and struggling in life than us…let’s just take for example those who are disable, who by crook or by hook struggling to make a life inorder to sustain their daily needs…some of them make a living by selling anything they can get profit by using their wheelchairs etc…the keypoint is, let us always be grateful from small things to big things that we have and own…:blush: