If your sins are not forgiven, what does that mean?

If your sins are not forgiven, what does that mean?

Christy Pearson Hall

I’m not sure what Bible quoted that but it’s simple in NKJV. If you don’t forgive, your father in heaven will not forgive you.This is simple when somebody is criticizing you don’t criticize back. Forgive and pray for them. Don’t sin with them.

Caridad B. Monroe

That’s a really good question, if you were to ask God to forgive you of your sins but you do not forgive others for singing against you. You are in direct rebellion against God‘s word and are not following his commands of loving they neighbour as they … See more

Christopher Kaip

Forgiving someone is not an easy thing to do sometimes. Sometimes we think forgiving them is saying what they did is alright. We can’t forget what they did, sometimes we’re still dealing with the effects of what they did, but the forgiveness is not so … See more

Larry Howe

That is one of the key differences in the various apostle’s recitations of the Lords Prayer, As we forgive others or as we ATTEMPT TO FORGIVE. Personally, I pray my intent DOES count. My follow through isn’t perfect.

Ann Hegge

It means we die unsaved subject to all our sins. If we don’t forgive others, Jesus sacrifice will have no effect on us, because we reject God and Jesus. This means we are breaking the Commandments of Jesus to love God above all and to love others as m… See more

Kevin Luke