If your theology doesn't change your behavior, it will never change your destiny


If your theology doesn’t change your behavior, it will never change your destiny
-Charles H. Spurgeon

Dennis Michael

How much of your behavior needs to change? For how long? I get how cute quotes like this feel really spiritual, but we have to be careful that we don’t water down what the blood of Christ and finish work has done for the sake of holy living management among the flock

Mike Ryan

Importantly, your theology should change you for the better… That actually REALLY needs to be said.

Alan Webb

…and if your theology doesn’t grow and change over time, it’s your behavior that is keeping it from growing.

Tim Williams

Question what is theology Mr poster

Clive Henry

Theology is what you believe about God. If you believe correctly about God that his son Came To Die For You and that you need to change because you’re headed to hell and ask him to change you by humbling yourself and asking him into your life. Then what you believe about God changes you. But if you instead believe in yourself like the world teaches you do not believe in God and nothing will ever change

Daniel Hutch

Yet historical fact Spurgeon worried about his salvation at the end he wasn’t sure he was gonna make heaven. salvation is not based on your behavior it’s based on God’s grace and his free gift through the blood of Christ… you either believe that or you’re on your way to hell. You do believe the savior was enough, more than enough or it wasn’t at all. But not one of you hypocrites have stopped sinning and you know it. Jesus paid for every sin on that cross; the moment someone believes on him and what he did for them they are declared righteous in God’s eyes. They have nothing to repent of in terms of sin, because Jesus took care of that. What you have to repent of is your unbelief that Jesus took care of that. But it’s very obvious most of you in this thread do not believe Jesus actually paid for your sins all of them! And that is why you’re going to hell, because you do not believe the gospel record of Jesus Christ. Do not believe the record God has given to you of his Son. Not a one of you have anything to bring to God or add to his salvation but your filth. You will be those who say Lord Lord have we not preached in your name, and in your name did many wonderful works and in your name even cast out devils: all about what you do not about what he did! And he will say to you on that day: Depart from me ye who work lawlessness for I never knew you. It is lawless to call God a liar, it is lawless to reject the covenant Blood whereby the whole world has been sanctified. Therefore, many of you in this thread are condemned already…and your damnation is Just!

Jeffrey Mason

Interesting that you say that about Spurgeon I didn’t know that. But explains a lot because I knew he preached eternal security which is a lie. People can lose their salvation. The fact that he doubted shows that he really didn’t know what salvation really was. Many people think it’s just believing but it is so much more than that believing is actually having complete trust in God and it’s confirmed by God that you have received salvation it’s not just one-sided like everybody who thinks in eternal security believe. Salvation is in fact God gives you a new heart that is clean and free of sin. Your heart which is also your soul is the real you. Which is why Paul said it is no longer I that sin but sin that dwells within me that is within my flesh. Because he knew that in his heart there was no sin God had cleansed it by giving him a new heart. Now we must keep it clean by not going back if we go back and get this new heart dirty we lose what we have received. It is simple as that but people who believe in eternal security don’t want to believe that. Many I have met who believe in eternal security believe that they try to stop themselves from sinning and God will help them do it. But that is not at all what God offered. If that was so much of scripture would make no sense. Like he tells that one woman caught in adultery go and sin no more yeah I hear many people say oh you can never stop sinning if that was true then he would never say that to her. But it is possible in your soul in your heart but not in your flesh. That’s why the scripture says we need to walk in the spirit and not gratify the desires of the flesh because our flesh still is capable of sin and we will stand if we listen to it and do what it wants but not in our soul if we have been truly born a new. You also stay in your post you either believe or you’re on your way to hell. Many people believe that there are a lot of mechanic can fix their car but will never take it to their auto mechanic. So what sets they’re broken. Just like many people’s lives are broken and getting worse because they never took it to the Lord. They keep trying on their own to fix it believing false Doctrine saying they believe in the Lord but do not trust him not willing to fully commit their life to him so he can fix him the way he said he will.

Daniel Hutch