In pouring rain

It has been a hot and humid day. You could wring the sweat out of your clothes if you tried. You are dirty, sweaty, sticky for the unrelenting heart. What could possibly feel better than the heavens to open up and pour down rain onto your body. You receive the rain with open arms as it cools your body and washes the dirt and grime away. Having an encounter with God is similar to this. We come to Him filthy in sin, sweat from our own toils, and in desperate need to find relief from the heat of this world. God knows and He welcomes us into His presence, where He pours out His spirit and cleanses us. No sins are too great for Him. No sins are too small to go unoticed. Just step into His presence and surrender to the gift of grace. Feel revivied. Walk away with Him clean. Allow His love to pour over you. The next day they are calling for record highs. Each day find the relief that you need in HIm.

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