Inspiring Christian Quotes 4/16/2020

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Inspiring Christian Quotes 4/16/2020

2020-04-16 092250

:no_good_woman:I’m no longer looking at the signs of the times.
:point_right:I’m listening for the sound of the trumpet​:bangbang:

2020-04-16 092624

God knew the outcome before He allows a situation. Let us trust Him. He is God. He knows what He is doing.

2020-04-16 092854
The most humble statement we can say is, " I AM NOTHING WITHOUT GOD."
And the most powerful statement is, " WITH GOD I CAN DO ANYTHING."

2020-04-16 093122

A lot of plans were postponed or canceled. But God’s plans are always sure, faithful and unshakable.

2020-04-16 111525

We may not have what we are asking for, but we have everything we need. We thank’s you God. That is who you are.

2020-04-17 084425

Lets use this time to Draw as Close to Christ as possible so we can ACTUALLY spread the Gospel n Make Disciples of The World

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka,
I have always liked this quote:

We sometimes suffer or feel bad for. Things we don’t know how to fix, but we should always remember the answer is always God. With him everything is possible, we just need to open our hearts to him and the answer will strive.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero