Is Christianity harmful to sexual minorities?

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Ex-lesbian says no, it’s an 'invitation to true love’

“I understand what it feels like to be a minority and it’s not just because I’m black, but also because I used to be gay.”

Her same-sex desires began around the time she was 5 or 6, before she knew how to spell her first name.

As she changed her clothing style and started acting in gender-nonconforming ways, her interactions with Christians became more awkward. It seemed that the only thing they could talk about with her were the passages in Scripture about sexual ethics related to homosexuality, such as Romans 1 and Leviticus 18.

They knew how to love everyone else easily, except me."

But God is still at work, she said. At 19, the Holy Spirit convicted her amid her struggle and everything that she loved, enjoyed, and identified with she realized did not compare with knowing Jesus, and she knew she had to make a change.

“My repentance was not me going from gay to straight. My repentance was me turning from unbelief to faith.”

"God isn’t calling gay men and women to be straight. He is calling them to be reconciled back to Himself. And by belonging to Him, even if their same-sex desires persist, which they statistically most likely will, they will love God more than what they are tempted by.

“Because Jesus loves people of every orientation or gender identity, His call to follow Him is actually the pathway to joy. And for that reason, Christianity isn’t harmful, it’s simply an invitation for true love,” she said.

This is a touching testimony of Jackie Hill-Perry, author of Gay Girl, Good God.

This indeed is true not just for people that belong to the LGBT community. It is true for all those who are struggling with sin.

God is holy. When there is guilt in heart and nearing him could be scary. Especially it is even scarier to meet Christians that have a holy image. A sense of judging vibe can hit you as you converse with them or even go near them at times.

But the God of the Bible is very interesting and very different than many people’s imagination. He is not someone that tells you to change yourself first and he will accept him.

The beauty of God is that he takes me in first and doesnt talk a word about my sin but keep warming my heart with his love and finally I come to my senses through that transforming love.

Christians should take this to heart. They shouldn’t think that they are holier rejecting a sinner. They didnt have to show their holiness at the cost of rejecting a soul longing for love. When Christians can become more like the image of God, the warmth of the church will bring a great transformation in the hearts and minds of people.

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The answer is always to repent, and believe on Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior.

We do not “clean up our own act” before going to God. We must go to God for HIM to clean up our lives and souls.