Is God More Like a Judge—Or a Father?

Is God More Like a Judge—Or a Father?

God is loving father. He may judge us some times, bc he loves us.

One of my uncles says God is like a stern judge, just waiting to punish us when we do wrong. But another uncle says he’s wrong, because God is like a kindly father who loves us and forgives us, no matter what we do. Who is right?

God is a judge, also is a father. If there must be a choice, I prefer God is a Father, for He is love. Actually, judgement is also God’s love, so that the good could be protected, and clean the evil.

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Many people have misunderstanding about God. That’s why their faith is strange, and can’t be a witness for Jesus Christ. Our faith is based on the Bible and Jesus Christ, which is the special revelation God gave us.

For me, I think that God is a good Father.

For me, God is justice and he also has the great love for us. He is a model father.

God is the Father. Although in our eyes God seems to judge us, it is to bring us back to God. Look at our parents. When we do wrong, we punish and admonish us, but we have love in it. Parents do not want their children to go the wrong way. I want you to come back the right way. That is why you admonish yourself and sometimes you are humbled. God always loves us. God’s admonition is love, not evil.

God is both a just judgment and a merciful father.

God is more like a father. But God is also a judgment.

I think you should balance.
God is our Father and at the same time, He is a Judge.

God is the God of love, and his love is based on his justice. Both of them are necessary and essential characters.

God is fair and mercy at the same time. His fairness is from his love. He is God of love. He is our Father in heaven.

God has both characters purely, they can’t be seperated.

Sometimes Judge is the time tells you need change yourself.

He seems to be a Father than a Judge. He loves his sons, and his pure love and justice.

God is a loving father. When we do some wrong, He will discipline us to build us up.