Is God responsible for natural disasters?

Is God responsible for natural disasters?

God is often viewed as the One causing terrible catastrophes

Should God be blamed for such destructive disasters that create unfathomable human suffering? The word blame implies wrongdoing, and I don’t believe such a word should ever be applied to God. But even asking if God is responsible for natural disasters also might not be best, since the word responsibility usually implies accountability, and God is accountable to no one: “Our God is in the heavens, and he does as he wishes” (Psalm 115:3).

Does God have complete control on the Earth? Yes.
Does God use catastrophes to punish His people? We’ve seen Him do it in the Old Testament.

God is the creator of all that is Good. From the term itself, God doesn’t make disasters. All the weather we experience today, if it is the result of Earth’s degradation, is part of what mankind lost to sin.

However, everything has been redeemed by Jesus. We are on our way to a New Heaven and Earth.
Going back to the question, really, no one will ever come before God and say, “that flood over there got out of control. You are responsible for it.” Yet, we know He can stop it if He wanted to.

I guess, I have no answer to this. What I can say is, at least, we know that God is good. We might not understand completely why things happen, but let us trust that all in the end, is in accord to God’s wisdom.

My answer for that is No, because he created everything for us; why would he will destroy it then? Therefore, all the disasters that we encounter today is a result of our human actions.