Is it a sin for a Christian to compose House, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, and any other genre except Gospel?

Is it a sin for a Christian to compose House, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, and any other genre except Gospel?


Music is definitely a great gift from God to mankind. It cheers people up, brings healing and gives life. Christian music in particular is expected to spur a devotion from the hearts of the listeners towards God. In the recent years many individuals and music bands have come up with a lot of songs not just that of those devotional sort but other genres as well.

My question is should Christian music be only devotional in nature?

or is it okay for a Christian to compose House, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, and any other genre other than just being devotional? What are some of your reasons for believing so?

i think sin is that people do anything without God. They do not put God in their hearts. This is sin.

“Christian Music” should center on Christ and glorifying Him.

However, a Christian musician or composer is free to follow their conscience (assuming it’s healthy and functioning) as to what they create. That can include any genre of music at all. When it comes to lyrics, a Christian musician may wish to not - for instance - add vulgarity to their lyrics, regardless of it not being specifically “Christian Music”. That would be in the conscience, as a for instance, in the Christian musician’s mind and heart.

The rule goes like this: if it’s not Christian, don’t call it Christian.
If it glorifies Christ, it’s Christian Music.

I think the genre of Christian music can be varied, because in fact the objects of our evangelism are also varied.Different people have different understanding and pursuit of music. We can create various hymns to guide different people to know the Lord according to the inspiration of the holy spirit.

At the same time, in terms of content, Christian hymns should be Christ-centered, not secular.So to sum up: in my opinion, the type of music in Christianity can be diverse, but the content should be centered on Jesus Christ.

Here’s my own personal rule of thumb:
If the music that is labeled “Christian” can double as party music or dancing music, for me it does not work. No matter how great the “lyrics” are.

There has to be reverence to some degree in the song that is being played and/or sung. I think we are already in agreement on that.

Also, don’t be afraid of “old hymns”. Go find the words so you can understand all that is being sung. They are magnificent, and they give true reverence and glory to God. You could sing the same exact song as an old hymn strumming a guitar. Just, don’t turn it into a “night club” atmosphere. This is for God, not for us.

“Holy, Holy, Holy” with lyrics in the video.
Done by a choir.