Is it OK for a Church to set a company making money to support its mission?

Is it OK for a Church to set a company making money to support its mission?

You should read more the book of Acts. Paul had been worked as a tent-maker.

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Now some churches built companies to support its ministry, because the donation form the believers is limited. So they want to make money so that the Church could develop sooner. I didn’t find any related practice in the early Church. Is it Biblical?

For any church it is important to not just lean back and do nothing. If they have a calling from God to believe and worship him, then even if they have to work for it together or alone, they should do it and be testified for the fruits of their spirits.

Yes. The bible says, Apostle Paul was the tent maker to preach the gospel.

I don’t know, I never heard that kind of church.

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Yes, it is ok. Bible doesn’t say church can not have a business company.

In my opinion, definitely it is ok. Money itself is not evil, and we should utilize it well like the apostle Paul did tentmaking.

My opinion is that it is good to establish a company for the purpose of supporting churches and missions. Making money is not a bad thing in itself. It is only because of the money that we should leave the money because we are leaving God and doing evil. I think it is very good for us to make a company, earn money and support churches and missionaries with it. When he saw Paul’s life, he made money and supported many churches.

I don’t think the companies are set up by churches, they are two different organizations. But believers who commit to the church, they may establish companies to support their church.

In the Old Testament, other chapter will give 1/10 to levs.

Yes. the Bible doesn’t say that we cannot build business company.

I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings. --1Cor 9:23

I don’t think it is ok for a church to set a company making money to support its mission. But it is ok for a church to set up a ministry of business making money to support its mission. Because ministry can support the church. But a church’s mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus and spread the truth of God and plant much more churches to support to build up the kingdom of God. This is the mission of the church. We should clarify the two terms “church” and “ministry”.

In Acts Paul also made money by making tents. Because the donation is limited which will hinder the development of church. Therefore some may want to run a company to support church.