Is it OK for a Church to Spend Money on Advertising and Social Media?

Our church has a new pastor, and he wants us to spend more money on advertising and social media, so we’ll attract more people. I’m not sure I approve, because it seems like it’s not a very spiritual approach to things. After all, it’s not a company trying to sell something. Am I wrong?

I think it’s OK if the pastor’s motivation is to save more souls for Jesus Christ.

It should be okay to invite people to join the church to know worship God, and surely God can use advertising and social media to draw more people to His house.

However, one thing is very important, and that is to pray so that it will work and also pray for the people to come.

I encourage you to keep an open mind first, at least to have a try, rather than determine whether it’s spiritual or not first, as things are usually not easy to conclude in the very beginning. With prayers I believe God will guide you to do a pretty good job with your Pastor.

Meanwhile, it’s grateful that your Pastor can think of social network and even spend money on this, not many Pastors have such sense to the time. I cannot say it’s good or bad based on very little information, but I still encourage you try first, and also talk with your Pastor to know about him and his motivation, methodology.

Yes, it is ok if these are for mission.

I think we have conscious. The motive is important. Personally I don’t think it is good if church try to grow through that way.