Is it OK to be Angry with God?

Is it OK to be Angry with God?


It had been a while since I had cried hot, angry tears, but there they were, uncontrollably rolling down my face.

I was in one of those moments in life where a “yes” answer to a long-prayed prayer was so close. Then, like a miscarriage or the mortgage that doesn’t come through or the engagement that ends, the “yes” vanished to “no.” The opportunity in front of me spectacularly fell through and I was sad, shaky, and seemingly out of nowhere, angry.

God wasn’t good. He was a cruel tease. And I was angry.

Is it Even OK to be Angry with God?
Is it OK to give God a piece of our mind? Is it OK to cry frustrated tears or shake angry fists? Is this irreverent?

How about a better question? Is it ever OK to not be brutally honest with God?

Honesty is important in every relationship. We cannot hide away our true selves and expect to have healthy interactions with anyone. If we are Christians, we are in a relationship with God. As with all relationships, we will get frustrated, we will misunderstand, and yes, we will get angry.

We are in good company. Most of the Old Testament book of Jonah is about how incredibly frustrated and angry Jonah was with God (particularly Jonah 4). Job got frustrated (Job 16:7, Job 30:19-20). So did David (Psalm 22:1-2). There is permission in these scriptures, as if the Lord is saying to us, “See, you aren’t alone in feeling this way. Go ahead and say what you need to say.”

God knows every part of us. He knows we cannot possibly understand everything He is doing in our lives. There is no one else who can best understand how we can misunderstand.

Growing relationships cannot be frictionless. There will be times we will be frustrated, angry and need to vent. The key is how we do just that.

3 Keys to Being Angry at God and Getting Away With It

  1. Run Toward, Not Away
    When we are angry, the last person we want to face is the very one who frustrated us, but the worst action we can take is to cower away from God, stewing in our anger. He always wants to meet with us, regardless of how we feel towards him.

Be willing to work through the frustration with God, not against him. Come with balled up fists and clenched teeth, but still come.

Let’s be willing to work through the frustration with God, not against him.

  1. Say So
    When we choose to run toward God, we still need to fight the temptation to gloss over our real emotions. If we are feeling angry, frustrated or impatient, say so.

Being completely honest with how we feel is a way to express our faith. By not hiding away how we really feel, we are trusting the Lord with our hardest and often the most tender parts of us. The more honest we are, the more room we give God to work in and through us.

  1. Beware of Bitterness
    Bitterness starts with anger. While it is not sinful to feel angry, allowing that anger to be unchecked and lodged away can lead to nasty, long-term effects (Ephesians 4:26). Anger can be dealt with quickly, but bitterness is anger that has taken up residence in our lives and wrecks us from the inside out.

Scripture warns us to get rid of bitterness, and with good reason (Ephesians 4:31). No one wants to be a bitter person. No one wants to be around a bitter person.

It has been months since the day of hot, angry tears. I’ve had peaceful days and frustrating days. When it all nets out, I know this for certain: God’s purposes are good though I cannot understand them all. His love for me doesn’t change, though my emotions toward Him may. I can live the rest of my life knowing when the angry tears, balled up fists, and clenched teeth return, God can be trusted to handle my emotions better than anyone.

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Dear @Denise, thank you very much for this wonderful reflection. We might never understand how God works here on earth, and I don’t think we will be able to understand Him until the day He returns and meet Him face to face. Nevertheless our Abba understands us fully. I agree with you maam, coming from a person who can’t seem to get things right these days. I get those moments in my life where I needed to vent out everything I have inside, especially during my lowest moments. Sometimes I try to express it to others and it turned out to be even more disastrous. Then realization comes after, that the only one who can truly understand us is God. Our anger might be towards Him but this is because of our impatience, selfishness, self-centeredness, and ignorance of who God is. Even if we have all of these, God still understands and He cares for us, and just like what you shared, we just have to be totally honest with Him.

This one is a good read! A lot of people seems to be angry these past few months and days because of the crisis that we are facing globally…so it’s good to remember that anger is not an inherently bad feeling, and it’s okay to feel mad sometimes at God because he is big enough to deal with it and he knows already that we’re mad even before we tell him…

Let’s take for example Job’s story:
Job was a faithful servant of the Lord but Satan boasted to God that he could change that just by changing Job’s prosperous life situation. God permitted Satan to tempt Job to despair by taking away everything.

One by one everything that gives meaning to Job’s life — his possessions, family members, and friends — gets taken away from him. It gets so bad that Job raises his voice and “cursed the day of his birth” (Job 3:1). He goes on to voice a weary cry of the heart that expresses his anger, saying such things as, “Why did I not die at birth, come forth from the womb and expire? … Why is light given to the toilers, life to the bitter in spirit? They wait for death and it does not come” (Job 3:11, 20-21). Job continues by questioning God directly, even challenging God, asking him why these bad things continue to happen.

Just like Job, God knows exactly our thoughts but he wants us to express them…So the next time you feel anger towards God because of experiencing an unfortunate situation, just cry it loud and allow God to embrace and heal you.

Hello, dear @Denise
What a lovely read, I had felt this way a lot of times. What we must do is face it, as you say, we are in a relationship with God! We need to let it out, talk to him, angrily ask why, cry if we must, this is all OK, because we can’t understand the big picture of the plan God has for us. We just see the present and of course it can be frustrating. But God loves us and he has a plan and a way for us, we just see it and feel it when the time comes.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hi @Denise. I agree to your point, answering the question: Is it OK to be Angry with God? You said: Honesty is important in every relationship. We cannot hide away our true selves and expect to have healthy interactions with anyone. If we are Christians, we are in a relationship with God. As with all relationships, we will get frustrated, we will misunderstand, and yes, we will get angry. Personally, this is much better if we show to God what we felt within, because for all we knows, God is prudent and omnipotent. God knows everything in us. I remember the time I got to angry with God. It was my childhood come-back, in which I questioned God with anger. I asked Him why I have this Disability? Why others haven’t? Now I am in the right age, I got ashamed to God but I didn’t regret to what I did, which is showing what I am to Him. That’s why for me, it is really fine to get angry with God. We’re just Human. :blush:

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As a teenager, I can say that there is a lot that I still have to learn from the world. I get really lost, confused, frustrated. Yes, I get angry at the Lord God sometimes, I cry angrily as I talk to Him. But for me, as I go on like this, my bond with the Lord God got stronger. I love how honest and open I am with Him.

@Denise Is it okay to be angry with God?
Anger isn’t talked about much in church, but the Bible doesn’t shy away from the topic. The apostle Paul says, “In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry and do not give the devil a foothold.” (Ephesians 4:26-27). In other words, he’s saying that the anger isn’t a sin, but hanging on to it is. Solomon said, “Anger resides in the lap of fools” (Ecclesiastes 7:9) with the word ‘resides’ indicating he means letting it become a resident rather than a visitor.

We have to grasp that getting angry with God and letting loose on the thoughts that are tearing us apart is okay. Getting angry means we stay engaged with God and we find release; pretending we’re okay can drive a huge wedge into our relationship with him. If we let it, anger can drive us into God’s presence looking for answers and there we find there is no need for pretence; we are free to express everything we’re feeling before a God who knows and loves us.

HELLO @ DENISE, after reading your post i am definitely sure that many can relate on this emotion, because everyone feels angry at times and should i say it is part of a HUMAN life. But for us to be angry with GOD? i dont think it is a good idea, but honestly i felt that too but when i come to know more about Jesus or red some verses about anger sometimes it is our frustrations that lead us to anger, but if we truly believe in him and know that everything that happen in our life has a purpose it is easier to manage anger. Sometimes we dont understand what is happening in our life but just trust him and allow him to direct our path to where he want us to be NOT where we wanted to be at the end we will fully understand the situation. but if we talk about anger medically -anger is normal feeling where you can release your bad emotions but like what ive red be careful and try to manage anger for it can risk a person health. it increases Blood pressure or may increases hormone that will harm your body.
there is a lot of verses regarding anger

I agree with this one. It is very normal to be angry, we are all human we feel certain emotions of course. But if you hold a grudge or keep that anger with you, that is where it is no longer healthy and good.

Yes, it is truly helpful in a relationship to express what we really feel deep inside. I really believe that this will strengthen the bond we already have with the Lord God. We are open to Him. I personally like to be transparent with the Lord God, I openly tell Him what I feel,

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Hi @kianna it is very nice feeling when we always openly express what we feel. Ang being true to Him for me it’s enlightened me everyday. :innocent:

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Yes, most especially since I hate the feeling of hiding something from someone. I know that God knows already what I am feeling, so I would love to show to Him how I trust Him and I am willing and comfortable in opening up to Him.

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@Denise Our emotions are gifts from God. Emotions are reflections of one’s heart. There will be times that we will be angry at Him, that’s normal. He knows our hearts more than we do. Running towards Him in spite of anger draws us to be closer to Him while turning our backs makes us distant. God’s ways are beyond human understanding, its not for us to decipher but to have faith and trust that whatever He is doing, it is for our own good. Praise God for this reflection! Thank you.

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I really love this! Something worth keeping in mind as we go through our daily struggles. Sometimes, we get really frustrated when things do not go our way and we get really lost. Whatever is happening to us now and soon in the future, God knew that already. Let us give him our full trust.

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Thank you for this. I do feel this way sometimes and I believe that communication is key. I always try to let everything out through prayer because I know that He listens and he has plans for us. Even though we do not understand every obstacle that He wants us to go through, I know that He is always there watching over us and planning for our future. I agree that we need to confront Him but by doing this, we need to be calm and understanding (Proverbs 14:29). We should not let anger take over. We should always remember that anything is possible with Him and He loves us. :blush:

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Hello and welcome to our community @hbbm14… Anger is actually a human emotional response to situations that are either out of our control or out of our ability to understand, or both. But we must remember this "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)…

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Honestly sometimes I doubted him. When I’m in tough situation and I couldn’t understand why of all people I got this problem carrying on my own with no one’s to ask for help. We were born imperfect so I think that is normal. But the important thing is. We must not leave him as we going through alot, just put trust on him and you’ll be okay.

Hi @zayn22…There are also times that I felt the same way with you, but instead of being angry to him I asked him these question “What do you want me to learn about this situation Lord?”…and then I do reflect afterwards. Obviously there are no instant answers, but in the following days or days after God will reveal a solution that serves as the answer.:blush:

Hello @Denise I think we are all human. Sometimes we are confuse why God is doing this, Doing That. But in the near future you will see why our God is doing all of this to our life. He is preparing us for something , Something Big. Sometimes i get angry with our Lord for example i want that Job why he is not letting me suit with that Job. Until i Realize now that God is preparing me in a Good Company that i can showcase my talents and skills. Someday you will know Just Trust our Lord ,God our Father.

A lot of times in my life I felt the same way as you sir @arrol, looking at others telling God I want what that person has. I want his job, I want his car, I want his life, thinking that all the things he has can satisfy our wants. When God refuses to give in, our feeling is that He doesn’t love us. On that span of time that God denied the answers to our prayer and to the time when we realized that He has better plans for us, that is the most difficult stage. We will feel abandoned and angry towards God because we haven’t seen His ultimate plan yet, this is where we should strive to be better. Learning to submit to God, trusting Him on everything and be ready for His answers, may it be a yes or a no.