Is it okay to attend church virtually?


Many of my friends attend church services virtually on Sundays. I just kind of have a feeling that it is important for me to attend church services in person. But I am unable to defend my side with an explanation. Some of my friends say Jesus says in John 4 that time is coming where you can worship God everywhere. What are your opinions on attending churches virtually?

I think that although we can listen to the sermons through the virtual church, we can find many resources, but it is definitely the visible church is more beneficial to our faith.Because through the fellowship between church members in visible church, we can actually practice the lesson of loving God and loving each other.Through tangible interactio we also develop a attitude of holy worship. The authors of the bible also suggest that we should always come together and share in the Lord’s grace. Hebrews10:25 Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

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i think attend church is different. Church can raise your faith. Therefore, i like going to church.

@Christina-Sharon that is really an excellent question. One which many of us ask nowadays.

Here is a good answer, at least to the difference between the “visible church” and the “invisible church”.

A quote from the above link:

“Because not everyone who attends church or performs religious deeds is saved, the visible church includes unbelievers. The invisible church is comprised of the redeemed and sealed by God.”

That does NOT mean that all people who go to a church building are unbelievers. God’s chosen are in churches, not in churches, in every nation, tongue, and tribe around the globe. If you are saved by Jesus Christ and have repented of your sins, putting all your trust in Him, you are saved. If you are truly saved, you are born again. Your life has changed radically. If that has happened, you are one of the elect, or God’s chosen.

That said, fellowship is very important. But fellowship can and should happen both in the church and outside the church. It should be a regular thing too.

If you can go to church and the church you can get to is Biblically sound, then by all means, you should go. Take advantage of the rich teaching and good fellowship that grows out of that. But never ever mistake the sheep for the Shepherd. We are all sinners. But a truly Saved Christian cannot live in (wallow in) sin. There will be some who are not saved in the church. And there will be some who are saved outside the church. There are believers and non-believers both who do not attend church.

Church does not save us. Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life. We must all be saved and sanctified by Him. The way to do that (whether or not you attend church) is to read the Bible daily.

I am saying this because I spent the first 6 years of my Christianity doing mostly church and fellowship, but not enough Bible. It wasn’t enough to save me. The last 3 years of my Christianity have been rich and good because I have included reading God’s Word daily, to understand and learn who God is and hear what He says. He doesn’t “whisper” in our heads, He speaks in His Word: The Bible.

John 17:17 “Sanctify them with the Truth. Your Word is truth.” -Jesus praying for all people of all time that He has and will save, before Calvary.


Thank you for your valuable insights. This is helpful.