Is it possible to live without offending anyone?

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Is it possible to live without offending anyone?

Jesus says to show the other cheek if someone slaps you. This is a revolutionary message. But practically thinking is it possible to live in this world without offending anyone as a Christian?

As a Christian, I don’t believe so. As a Christian even I have an unquenchable desire to share the Good News. But to know why the Good News is good - that takes the explaining God’s law. And the law pricks at the human heart - as it is meant to do, to make us aware of our sin - and depending upon the reception or rejection of this, some people will be “offended”. In fact, most are.

In turning the other cheek, it is a way to further witness to those who would be evil toward those who are trying to show them the way to eternal life, their behavior will shame them. Sometimes that shame will bring them around to God to repent. But if not, then in the end when the LORD takes His vengeance, they will know of their wrongs.

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