Is it wrong for Christians to get drunk, or smoke cigarettes and/or marijuana?

Is it wrong for Christians to get drunk, or smoke cigarettes and/or marijuana?

Many professing Christians will not like my answer.

Too many people today want to keep as many of our old bad habits and sins as possible and still make it to heaven. It is not a wise way to live our lives. Not only is it medically proven that smoking is harmful to our health. It is disrespectful to the Holy Spirit. Jesus told us to receive the Holy Spirit, to invite Him to come and live with us in the biological house that is our mortal body, which is also called the temple of the Holy Spirit. So the question is, does it sound right for us to invite the Holy Spirit to come and live in a defiled smoke-filled toxic room that is slowly killing us?

As far as alcohol goes, through the prophet Isaiah alone, God warns us six times about the dangers of wine and strong drink, and with good reason. With alcohol’s use, there is always the danger of too much, which dulls our thinking and reduces our resistance to sin. But the prophet Micah said that there are a lot of people want a prophet of God to tell them that wine and strong drink is okay:

“Suppose a prophet full of lies would say to you, “I’ll preach to you the joys of wine and alcohol!” That’s just the kind of prophet you would like!” Micah 2:11 NLT and many preachers today say just that over the pulpit, drawing people to their ministries with promises of careless and extravagant living and material wealth and lies about God forgiving sins that have never been repented of and are still being practiced.

Consequently, many professing Christians have fallen into sin and addiction through the use of alcohol and drugs fornication, and the love of money, destroying their livelihoods, families and health.

Can a Christian take an occasional drink and it not be a sin ? That is between each person and God, but I am not going to promote the use of alcohol from the pulpit because I know it will cause some to stumble who are susceptible to temptation from Satan to fall into drunkenness and be lost and God will hold me responsible for that.

The wisest thing, particularly for those who have a history of sin in this area is not to drink alcohol at all, which means there will be zero risk of ever drinking to excess, and if we needed any further incentive to take the safest route, God’s Word warns us in 1 Corinthians 6:10 that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Therefore, instead of arguing about “how much of my old harmful habits can I keep and still make it to heaven”, why don’t we “grow up” and focus on trusting God’s promise that whatever we give up in this life for Jesus Christ, God will honor it, bless it, and our lives will be better and more rewarding in the long run when we remove these idols and put God first in all things. God truly loves us and always guides us in ways which will benefit us most if we love Him back and trust Him


It is not a sin to drink alcohol in moderation. The Bible describes wine as a gift from God that can make life more enjoyable. (Psalm 104:14, 15; Ecclesiastes 3:​13; 9:7) The Bible also acknowledges the medicinal value of wine.​—1 Timothy 5:​23.

There are guiding principles in the bible the way we should live as a Christian. And one of it is what 1 Corinthian 10:23 that everything is permissible but not all are beneficial.

In 1 Corinthians 10:3 it says that So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Is should be clear to any Christian that the bible is the final word or authority in his life as it is also the manual of our lives. And Is Jesus the Lord of all of his life?

At the end of the day, I just go back to the reason why I live and ask 3 things:

Does it honor God?
When someone see me doing this thing, would they not stumble?
Is Jesus the center of it all?

If ever, why would you do that of get drunk, try smoking cigarette or marijuana?

In my own opinion Smoking Either Cigarettes or Marijuana is wrong because it will shorten your life. Some of the users are using this Marijuana to fight some disease i don’t know if that is true. In my Country this is not allowed FDA has no memorandum that it can cure any diseases as of this moment.
While get drunk in my own opinion its okay but still drink moderately and in your own capacity don’t drink too much or drink at your own risk.