Is technology evil?


Today’s world will crumble down without technology. What are some of the reasons for you to believe that technology is not evil? I hear many pastors preach against the technological advancements quoting it as evil and Satan. Are the advancements in this world given by God or is it man made or is it evil?

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Only creatures with will can be “evil”. Objects are not “evil” as objects have no intention of their own. Objects are used by creatures known as humans and their intentions can be evil.

Example: Learning to split the atom was a major scientific advance. But then man came along and used that knowledge, that scientific advance, to create atomic bombs, which wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was evil. What man did was evil. That does not make the split atom “evil”. The split atom or the atomic bomb are not capable of acting on their own, and therefore cannot be “evil” or behave “wickedly”.

Fallen human beings are experts at trying to avoid responsibility for their own wickedness. Therefore many misguided or false preachers and teachers will try to foist wickedness onto all manner of things other than themselves. These people are not saved. They are still in their sin.

That is the natural, and fallen, state of mankind. Without salvation, wickedness prevails.


i do not think so. Because human is evil, they use technology do evil things.

Yes, I think so, too

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Thank you for your sharing.

Definitely agreeing with Sunami on this FP post. Just like everything, technology has two sides. The wickedness lies inside the mindset of the person and the perception towards everything. I read something similar on Finance Police on how technology has also significantly increased both sides.


Technology is just the practical application of knowledge. The more knowledge humanity gain, the better the technology will be.

Pen and paper is a form of technology, yet God used it to preserve his word throughout generations.
Paul also used that technology.
2Ti 4:13 When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments.
Parchment is a writing material made from specially prepared untanned skins of animals
There is a technology involved in making books and parchments. Also, books and parchments back in Paul’s days cost a fortune.

Nowadays, we can use technology to further spread the gospel, encourage each other, and communicate with other people all over the world.

Technology is just a tool and just like with all tools, the evil is not in the object itself but how it is being used by the user.

No. It is how we use it that makes it good or evil. Sometimes, a good technology is a by product of inhumane processes (well. this might be another discussion), the question then is if it would be morally correct to use it.

We have this innate urge to create things, make things and I believe we should pursue it. However, I must say, for the right reasons. “Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God!”, is what we all say an that we must do.

The tower of Babel is a great example. God was impressed with their unity and believed they can do anything. But, their motivation for it does not align with God’s heart.

I believe that technology is only a tool. It can neither be good or bad, it only depends on what we use it for.

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i agree with @kianna it only depends how you will use it. Adding to it, Technology is also a Gift from our God he Created this one. But also he gave us our will to decide how we gonna use it. You can use it to share the Words of God or Spreading the Love of God. Very Good Example is this Community i think why this website creates because God knows that it will be also a Christ Centered Community.
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ.

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Hello, dear @Sarah-mariam
It’s a matter more of where you see it… By my own opinion, people are always gonna sin, just because there was less technology on other times the sinners weren’t less, the problem is the people. Instead of being Christians and following God and his teachings, we let ourselves be seduced by the devil and his traps. Technology itself makes our lives simpler, better, that’s for what we should use them, and just by common sense we should already know that. What we must fight for, is for maintaining our religion and making more people to follow the good ways of the Lord. If we think about it, a good way is exactly through technology! Hehe.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

I believe that technology is not evil. Technology was originally made to improve human lives. For some reason, humans were blinded by this technology and led them to scary paths. I agree to what @kianna said that technology is just a tool. It is a tool and the people are the ones who control its purpose.

In the world generation nowadays, especially to those Millenials I think they are more agree that advancements of world technology is much helpful and needs to be innovated. Is technology evil? I can say it depends, honestly like me I am addicted to Gadgets and I was tempted to sins by technologies, however it can also a tool to serve as a lesson to anyone who commit sins by using technologies. Maybe the pastor’s preach were trying to approach of the other side impact of technology. As I experienced the temptations of sin because of gadgets, I’ve realize that we have controls on the technology yet we don’t have controls to the effects of it. Since now, living in this world without technology isn’t worth living. We need to be more matured enough when using technologies.

Trulyy! We are the ones who created technology, it works because we humans made it work and happen. If we are in control of how it was created, we are also in control of how it affects us. Technology did nothing to us, it is a nonliving thing. We are the one whose using it. We control how it affects our life.

Technology is not evil. It is essential in our modern life. It’s just that we have the tendency to get hooked with our gadgets that we forget the more important things in life. There are families who gather but are too busy looking at their phones that they don’t even talk to each other. Some people even set aside their time with God because of being too blinded with technology.

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I also want to add that sometimes people think it is evil because of how people attack each other in social media. For me, this is because technology can also hid our real identity thus making it easier to hate on people. We hide behind the screens and spread hate. Technology could have been seen as something great by a lot of people if only we change our mindsets.

I agree with @kianna its just a tool it depends how we used it. Technology help us in many ways like this pandemic crisis we can’t go to church because they announce that religious gathering is not allowed so thats why we used technology to continue our church service online. Technology is not evil it depends how we use it.

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Hi there @Paulo_Juamis! Exactly! Whatever happens to it and how people see it is because of human beings. We are the ones who uses it anyway so we are in control with it.

For me some of the technology were beneficial but some were not. There are technology that causes harmful to the people. We are in control of all the techs, so it depends us where will you used it.