Is the Devil as Powerful as God?

Is the Devil as Powerful as God?

Is the devil as powerful as God? Sometimes I think he must be, because the world is just as bad as it ever was.

No, it’s totally wrong. The Devil has been defeated when Jesus died on the cross. The Bible tells us clearly that in the end the devil will be thrown into the hell.

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Amen. When Satan stands before God in the book of Job.God asks him"from were have u come"Satan answers and says"from going to and fro on the earth"Here we see that Satan is a created being and he himself along with creation must answer to God.


God is the creator, no one is powerful like Him. The world is bad, not because God has no power. The evil is caused by human being. God have given His son Jesus Christ to save us, so that everyone could know the truth and the love and enter into the light. In the end, God will judge the world, the evil will go to hell, and the righteous will get saved.

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The devil is powerful and that is why to preach the gospel to others is very difficult.

However, he is not as powerful as God. God is in control of everything, and of course including the devil. God will punish the devil in the end of the history, and destory it forever.

Nope! God is the only God and almighty. He just allows the Devil until the day of his judgement.

Yes, I agree with you. Devil is powerful, but he is not as powerful as God.
In the battle of the spiritual war, human is the center, it is about human heart. If human reject devil, accept and only follow God’s voice, devil can do nothing.

No. God is the creator and Satan is just one of the creation. Satan’s wisdom is 666 and the wisdom of God is 777. God’s wisdom is always higher and much more powerful than Satan’s.

The devil is very powerful indeed, but not as powerful as God. God allows him to have great power, but it is still under God’s control. When bad things happen, i always think of the gospel song
“This is my father’s world
Oh, let me never forget
That though the wrong seems oft so strong
God is the ruler yet”

That is the reason and the hope that we can endure the sufferings in this world.

Satan and Satan can not defeat God as there can be no darkness where there is light. They will come to the end of God’s coming time.

No, totally wrong.
Devil is a corrupted angel. He was creation.
Nothing can compare to God.