Is there any difference before and after you became a Christian?

Sometimes I don’t think I am changed after I became a Christian…so how about others?

Dear sister, your question really amazed me. In Jesus Christ I became a new person. God saved me unconditionally. He saved me from the sin and death. He is so great!!!

If God didn’t save me, now maybe I am working in the world and live my life without God’s truth and love. It is really tragedy. In Jesus I knew the meaning of my life, I also know where I am going. One day, our Lord Jesus Christ will come and we will live with Him in Heaven, there will be no sin, no cry, no tear any more.

Actually, in God my life always is changing to become better. Everyday is new!!!

My life has changed completely since I believed in God. My life has changed from sinner to righteousness and son. Also, thanks to the joy of salvation, my heart is full of gratitude. This made me happy. I pray before God when I have anxiety and worry. This prayer is the power to raise me up again.