Is your personality stressing you?

Is your personality stressing you?

The biggest battle is to fight with yourself

Kindly elaborate on that.

Hi @Valerie, everyone of us is fearfully and wonderfully made by our God. We are unique as our DNA is unique from every human being.

In view of this, we also have sets of personality.
As you are asking if my personality stressing me? In some point of my life, YES!
Most people misinterpret my personality as sassy, strong independent woman. They felt intimidated and a little bit fearful as they met me.
But once they knew me, they will really found out that I have this kind heart. Some says that I am strong outside but soft inside.
It stressed me in some point because most of people are being intimidated with my personality.

But God lead me and reveal to me personally how HE protected my heart and me from abusive people once they know how kind you are.

I already took different personality test as I grew up like DISC, strength finder, love language, spiritual gifts.

Then as I know the result of that, God lead me back to the most important truth beyond those facts of personality tests. And that is MY IDENTITY IN CHRIST or WHO AM I to the one who says that I AM WHO I AM!

I started to embrace how unique my personality and all of my strengths and weaknesses I just offer it to the Lord every day and let it be use for His glory and I really see how I progress.Like before my service is really low in terms of love language but now I observed that I really love to serve.

So, we are changing from glory to glory to be more like CHRIST. :slight_smile:

Being an introvert, I have at times tried to express myself differently while trying to fit in the society. This only had a bad effect on me whenever I went back to my place as I kept question myself whether I carried myself appropriately. It took a bit of time before I slowly fit in but still do experience those moments when I love being a lone in silence.

For me yes! We are created by God equal but have different personalities. Most people hate me because I always tell the truth, I always express what I feel, I always say what I wanted to say and lastly, they hate me for being such an introvert and reserved kind of person.

Most of my time, I spend it all reading books, teaching my daughter the basic toddler lessons, doing household stuffs etc., in short they see me a boring kind of person. But for me, God created me this way so I must not care about the other people’s unsolicited opinion and suggestions to improve myself.

Sometimes, it is hard for me to socialize with other people because I am very shy but to a point that it stresses me out? No, not really, I mean, I think my personality has its pros and cons but with God’s help, it is not stressing me out.

Yes!! We all know that we are all human being. Even we are created by with unique characteristics and purpose. We are not exempted to feel envy, bitterness, insecurities etc. But if we will keep on dwelling on those things we will end up sinning.

If those things start to control our life we will be more stressful. So what i do I always ask God to removed those things in me and give me the comfort and satisfactions that comes from Him alone. :grin:

Thank you all for your views may the Almighty God continue to guide and protect us in our uniqueness.