Isaiah 65:1

Good morning beautifully strong and courageous friend my beloved family of believers throughout the earth it’s that we all are going through this together and to continuing in prayer for one another as with the outsiders coming in through the very efforts of planting with the watering process it’s only to the Glory of God that the seeds took hold and started growing I now am writing to you for your hearts are now ready to receive this power of the Holy Spirit that has light that wick in the heart of the living temple it’s my little light that shines for you to see you are created being now aware of it for God himself has sent me to you in this very time that your heart has felt His kindness the very warmth of his messengers breath as it is a kindling effect that warm starting of the fire as God himself had left his word before you for so to turn to the left or the right out of the mouth you confess to know the truth of his word now the two witnesses dead in the streets are rising it’s happening now that gives witness that it’s him who kindels the fire in your heart for these words are not mine but his who sent me as well as the works who are His known by His Fruit.

We love you
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