It may be harsh, but so is the choice on where we spend eternity

Food for Thought
We all know atheists in our lives and know what awaits them, but how many of us know good people, that believe in God but that have not yet come to Jesus and accepted the grace from God?
Now think of some really evil people that have lived throughout history, and we can guess their fate come judgment. But, the good people we know, who have not accepted Jesus will end up in the same place.
If you are trying to get them saved to come to our loving Lord, it might be a nice comparison for them to ponder. It may be harsh, but so is the choice on where we spend eternity.
God bless you and may His grace shine upon you.

Allen Scott

The righteous will be saved. When we look for God’s face its pertinent we actually know what God we serve. Do you know what righteous is? The Lord of Heaven sent His servants to help his lost sheep the blind sheep that don’t know He is Lord. Repent… See more

Misty Jones Gipson

This is my heart of hearts. People who think they are good and even some seeking Jesus who are being choked by thorns. The world is telling people that they are “good”. I just saw a post for Christians telling us we need to think much more highly of ou… See more

Lance Carter

Well-said. I routinely pray for even those whom I know are making a point of rejecting God. On some it may be working; on others I am hopeful. But per Ez. 3:17-21 we are supposed to be watchmen, so I try to warn without pushing them further away from Jesus and redemption.

Gary Exelby