It’s sad we lost our faith along the way

God picked Abraham to start the nation of God’s Chosen. Wasn’t too long before they became enslaved by Egypt. Got out of that only to be over run by Assyrians who scattered 10 of the 12 tribes. Then came the Babylonians, then the Persians, then the Greeks, then the Syrians, then the Romans who destroyed their homeland in about 64 A.D., only to have them wander the Earth until 1947 when England gave them land in the mid-East. And as Christians today, we worry about our pews being empty on Sunday morning and the government looking to re-write our religious rights in America. It’s sad we lost our faith along the way.

Jeffery Blakeley

Jeffery Blakeley, I have not lost my faith, I believe many have kept it. If those whom you speak of lost it, one has to wonder if they ever really had it? God bless you and may His grace shine upon you.

Allen Scott

Pray that our faith be restored.

Juliana Bawing

Happy Purim holidays to our Jewish brothers and founders of Judaism giving birth to Christianity. Amen

Mark Alcock