It’s time for you: Darkness or light?


Poem by: Lorraine G
shared by: The Lost Sheep

Darkness and Light
You seem so confused.
You know what’s right, but it’s hard for you to choose!
Darkness is real, but God is so near.
Let Him wash you and give you understanding.
The devil has been defeated, and darkness is becoming to an ending.
Open up, open up your heart, let God come in and give you rest.
Open up and let in some light.
Salvation is free and it’s freely giving to you and me.
God will not give you something you can’t handle. God wants to use you.
The devil is going crazy, doesn’t want it to happen. He knows that in the darkness you are God’s light, you are His candle.
So basically it’s a fight between darkness and light. But we all know who is wining.
So it’s time for you to choose.
Because God chose YOU from the beginning…

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Transferring from darkness to light is a decision we have to make. It is like being in a journey in the dark for so long and then suddenly you saw a speck of light ahead. That is where the firm decision happens, whether you stay and be comfortable in the dark because that is where you have been for so long or pursue the light and experience being free from darkness. However when we are already in the light it is now a matter of dedication and commitment. Since we have been very comfortable in the dark for such a long time, being in the light takes a lot of adjustment and learning. The very reason why our commitment to the one who gives light as well as the light itself - God; is very important, and should be taken seriously by heart.

I definitely agree with you, sir @IamRichardJohn. That is a decision we have to make for ourselves. The Lord will guide us and help us, but still, it is up to us if we choose to go follow the light or not.