Jesus Christ: Come to Me and Tell Me What it is that Bothers you

Reflection from Words of God’s love

There is not a sin that I cannot forgive…
There is no emergency that I don’t know how to solve…
There is not a burden that I cannot carry…
There is not a question for which I don’t have an answer…
There is not a heart which I cannot renew…
For each problem I have provided a solution.

Why don’t you give your worries to Me?
Come to Me and tell Me what it is that bothers you.

Receive My grace and My help,
I give you My peace and rest.
I fill your heart with My love.

Ps.50:15, Mat.11:28, Hebr.4:16, 1 Petr.5:7


I cannot help but be very grateful and blessed. Thank you, Lord God! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for posting this @Zoey…this is so timely as my anxiety attacks again but its not severe…it’s true! God is with us always…all we have to do is surrender everything we can’t handle, and let God help us carry the burden… thank you Lord for lifting and cheering me up!

@Zoey thank you for this one. thank you for using ART to remind the readers that God is with us, that God is in control . in this time i am so worry afraid, worried and sad.
I have nothing else to do but trust Him , to trust His works to trust him in every single way to obey Him and to trust his heart

Hello @Zoey Amen! Thank you for those verses of encouragement.I know God has my Life in the Palm of His Hands.I get discouraged with all going on and then I Trust in The Lord with All My Heart and Not Lean on my own understanding. I Acknowledge God in All I do and He Directs my paths.I am far from Perfect but Thank Jesus Christ for dying an extremely painful Death so I could be Forgiven! Stay Encouraged and God Bless you All!

@Zoey this is very timely, truly that God cares for me. I cant sleep right now my mind is full of things that i cant control, im anxious about everything and somehow sad, im jobless and im worried if i could still get a job despite of the pandemic situation but God is good all He reminds me that he will supply all of my needs AND HE IS.:

Hi there @Zoey.
I wanted to bring this up again because it is very timely. During this hard time, we really need this in helping us feel better. Prayer really does make us feel good and loved. Let us always remember that God has His arms wide open for us and we can tell Him anything that is bothering us. Let us pour everything our to Him because He cares for us and He will help us.
Let us pray to God to fill our hearts with His love and give our minds peace. Amen.