"JESUS l ‘m here to greet you" he did this for many years and it became part of him

Shared by Cristina Gumban

A man who does carpentry work. This man, every morning, passes in front of a Church on his way to work. One day he took a decision that he must go into the Church at the chapel to greet JESUS before going to his work.
So each day he passes the Church he will go to the chapel and say “JESUS l ‘m here to greet you” he did this for many years and it became part of him. One day he went to work as usual and fell down from the roof where he was working and had a spinal cord injury, he was taken to many hospitals and there was no remedy to his health and he became paralyzed.
One day at the hospital where he was on his sick bed without hope, his wife left him alone in the room to bring something from the house. A man who dressed in white walked into the room and greeted him saying, "my friend l have come to greet you. JESUS came to visit him since he couldn’t come to visit Him as usual. And the sick man said Thank You, the visitor left and this man started to notice changes on his body, and to his greatest surprise, he got up and sat down on the bed still thinking if it was a dream when his wife came and saw him sitting down she thought it was a Ghost and raised alarm ran out from the room. The Doctor and Nurses rushed to the room thinking the sick man is dead, when the Doctor first entered and saw the man sitting comfortably, he also ran back, before he decided to ask him what happened and the healed man told him all that happened,He was visiting JESUS daily for many years but one singular visit by JESUS changed his hopelessness to joy!
My brother, sister, and Friend who is reading this message, this is a true-life testimony. This happened somewhere.! JESUS lives, do not allow anybody to deceive you, please