Jesus,My saviour and Christ

I have been living in this society in India for the past two years. The young man living right opposite to me is a Hindu. I have always been helpful to him, treating him with kindness and compassion even though several times he has insulted me, had fights with me.

I have stood by him during his troubles and problems, as he lost his parents when he was a child and was also living alone. He was a very angry young man, flying into rage, fighting with everyone, creating problems for people in his professional life if they don’t treat him well and people used to be afraid of him.

Yesterday he came for a cup of tea in the evening and I was surprised when he said he has always wondered how come I am so happy though my sons left me and I live alone and I lost my job for last two years.

Wow what an opening for me. That made me to immediately witness to him about my Saviour, Jesus Christ, about my God who does not live in idols or temples, that there is one God and about Jesus I worship who gives me the peace that the world cannot give. It was a special moment for me and I felt the presence of God during that time.

This young man has changed a lot over the last two years and is lot more calmer and handles situation in better ways. I really feel I am an influence as I have been counseling him and advising him over the years.

I praise God for using me to be a testimony for Him through my life. He is indeed changing me to be a better person and to obey His commandment to love our neighbor more than ourselves.

Gloria Joseph