Jesus wants you to be blessed in the next for all eternity

Satan wants you to be happy. Did you know that? He wants you to be happy, and have everything your heart wants. The great Job, the house, the family. He wants you to have friends and lots of money. Satan wants to give you those things. He wants you to succeed in this life. One step at a time. Why? So you won’t see your need for Jesus. So that you think you have done all of that for yourself. The honor and glory goes to you. Satan does not want you on his side, he just doesn’t want you on the side of Jesus.

There is fast approaching a day my friends that you Will be forced to chose a side. Jesus wants you to live in this world and be blessed in the next for all eternity. Jesus does it one step at a time too.

  1. admit your a dinner in need of a savior 2) believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross for YOUR sins and God raised him up on the third day. 3) Confess with you mouth Jesus is Lord and repent of your sins.

My prayer for all who read this is that you come to know Jesus not just by name, but by relationship. If Jesus can save someone so lost as me, he will be happy to save you. God bless

Morgan Montgomery