Join as we declare these PROSPERITY CONVICTIONS

Join as we declare these PROSPERITY CONVICTIONS
I affirm that my life in CHRIST is one of endless supply and abundance. As I practice God’s principles concerning finances, I see His blessings multiply in my life. I do not go up to come down; I am waxing great, going forward, and growing until I become very great. The WORLD will not stop asking questions about my prosperity; I am a marvel, a wonder unto them. I live the life GOD has ordained me to live. GOD has brought me into a large place where I am lack free, poverty resistant and possessing all I need to an extent that I require no aid or support. I am blessed beyond measure and my prosperity is noised abroad. I am flourishing. GLORY!
Keep saying it, don’t stop talking it!

Dennis Michael

Where is the Biblical reference for this?

Debra Blenkinsop

Blessed are those who have been loved by God and Jesus christ .

Vengel Son Kharwanlang

Excellent- just be sure to give back- time, ingenuity, or finances to those in need…GOD bless you - and now continue to bless others.

Jan Cichowlas

See if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that we will not be able to contain is sufficient for me

Linda Rivera