Joseph was “a righteous man”

Joseph was “a righteous man” according to Matthew 1:19. The Bible shows that he was also loving and obedient to God. Joseph was also given one of the greatest missions from God. He was chosen to be the earthly dad to Jesus. He was tasked with raising Him and protecting Him from the evils of this world until He became a man. Joseph held his Creator in his arms and rocked Him to sleep. Joseph got to raise the Son of God as his earthly son. No other man in History has been tasked with this noble undertaking. Wow!

Neal Fant

.What’s perhaps even more amazing about Joseph is how he put up with Mary’s pregnancy and the birth of Christ!

Stewart Chew

How great is GOD to humble himself to His own creation.

Coffer Brown

Highly favored is the word! Elizabeth and Mary, Moses, David Elijah and all the people of the Bible are highly favored because if the condition of their hearts! We are too be highly favored according to our hearts. The scripture says that the lord is after our hearts!

Caridad B. Monroe