Keep planting those seeds, you never know when one will take a deep root

Food for thought: Love
Was sitting in a sports bar watching football, and a person I know was talking with the young lady behind the counter. He was talking about a love in her life perhaps. She responded with a question. Is there such a thing as absolute love. I smiled.
She looked at me, and eye to eye, I told her yes there is. Next question? She looked at me very seriously with a wondering look. I let it rest for a short time, and the person who brought up the topic talked to her some more.
She looked back at me and I old her that God and Jesus love her very much, it is absolute, they are just waiting for you to love them back. Once you accept them, they will always love you, never turn their back on you. You will stumble, you will fall down, they will pick you up, dust you off, make sure you are fine and then walk with you and lead you on a good way.
The other person looked at her and said you have no answer to that do you? She did not, but she kept looking into my eyes. I knew she was thinking of it deeply.
Keep planting those seeds, you never know when one will take a deep root.
God bless you and may His grace shine upon you.

Allen Scott

absolutely yes!

Emma Sue

Did she give you her number?

Gil Decazanove


Ntombi Kunene

So good.

Patricia Longhi

Amen dankie Vader vir alles

Anton Fronemann

Good works reap a harvest.

Tholsee Reddy

That was beautiful thank you for sharing that story. People want God’s love, we need to share it

Hope Thompson