Keep praying God is moving! He is a miracle worker!

i-spy with my little eye… actually no i don’t because we’re OFF THE OXYGEN/CPAP.
we are hoping his levels stay normal so we are one step closer to going home. we got labs back this morning & it tested positive for an infection but the scan was to broad to pinpoint exactly where/what it is. we’ve been on antibiotics since birth so they are hoping our new labs will come back negative.
he can officially take one ounce of food & they will try to get him to latch at dinner, so prayers that he does so he can come off his feeding tube.
we were able to finally wear some clothes & our sweet nurse found us an outfit that matched our blanket.
you’ll be home before you know it spank, me & daddy are SO proud of you!

Hannah Linton

Yes, not the machine it was hooked too

Cheyenne Terry Kennedy

Praising The Lord

Nancy Jones

Pràying for you lil one… Amen

William Ligaliga

Praying for this baby !

Mary Brookd

Prayers for total Healing. With God all things are possible…He does miracles…

Sandy Fero McIntyre

Prayers for this baby angel

Betty Latif


Mike Welsh

May the good Lord lay His mighty restoring on the child, Amen

Harry Berwick

God bless this precious little one and restore his health. Guide his medical team and bless this whole family. Amen.

Shirley Birt

Praying for complete healing in Jesus name I ask Amen

Mary Carson