Keep praying, trust His timing, not yours. God will help you

Keep praying, trust His timing, not yours. God will help you.


Hello @SaltandLight Yes Amen to that. Waiting on God’s timing is hard. His timeline is almost never aligned with the one we desire. Yet, his timing is always perfect even though it can be hard to wait for all we need to do is to pray and have faith that God has a better plan for each of us who trust in His timing.

Waiting is hard, but the wait has a purpose
God is never accidental. Everything he does has a purpose. Sometimes the wait is for God to align other pieces of the plan. Sometimes the wait is for God to align the pieces of our own heart. As much as we want to move forward NOW sometimes we’re just not ready. We have more to learn, more to change, more to grow.

The Lord God knows when and how a certain thing happens. His plans are way beyond for us to comprehend. All we have to do is trust Him. Things may get weird, confusing, or hard sometimes but just trust the Lord God’s timing. Everything happens for a reason.

@SaltandLight I totally agree with this quote, we can’t do anything in this situation
Most of the time waiting made us impatient. However, God is challenging our patience
He is checking with our attitude towards the situation. The best thing that we can do right now PRAY.BELIEVE. KEEP THE FAITH.

Just like what I always share, Babbie Mason’s Trust His heart
“God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don’t understand
When don’t see His plan
When you can’t trace His hand
Trust His Heart”

Keep praying. Some days it wont feel easy, but we have to keep going even in the uncertainty of things, we have to move ahead with hope. Don’t be so hard on yourself when things do not happen your way. So before you sleep, pray. Close your eyes and talk to God. Surrender your worries, heartache and problems. Trust him. Let him lead your life. Rest now and let God handle everything. May we always end the day with positive thought, no matter how hard hings were, tomorrow is a fresh opportunity to make it better. Keep praying and everything will be alright.

This is true, we should be able to learn to give in to God’s perfect timing. Not forcing our own timeline when we pray, entrusting to Him not just our prayers but also the time when He will answer it. We should always bare in mind that our God is not time bound, He is beyond time. Therefore when we pray believe that He already knows the outcome of our prayer request. He just wants us to pray because God wants to be there when we go through life’s challenges and difficulties, so that we will recognize that our help comes from the Lord.

Yes, indeed! @SaltandLight
God’s timing is everything. We need to trust God with everything we have because He gave us everything we have. No matter what we are going through, God has a reason for making us go through it. We need to learn and let God. Let us put our whole trust in Him.