Kid: could you share something to raise a kid well

Kid: could you share something to raise a kid well

Kids are so pure. Often heard about this. They are like white paper, and easy be influenced. Could you share something about how to raise kids well in today’s generation?

Teach them the Bible. Teach them the Biblical God. Take them to church. Be honest! If you lie to them, kids know it, though they don’t have the authority to call you on it. If you lie to them they will think eventually that everything you say is a lie: including God, and there are too many people in the world ready to tell them that there IS no God!

Right off the top of my head.

Other important things: Teach them how to be honest. Teach them how to say “I’m sorry” and mean it, not out of fear, but out of natural shame for having messed up. Teach them how to deal with failure without it completely undoing all they are. Children need to know they make mistakes and will be held accountable for them. Do this on varying levels depending upon their age.

If you do not teach them accountability, you usually end up the one being held accountable for that, by society and by God.

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i think you can play with him always.

^^ I can but not always. I think kids enjoy the time playing together.

Tell them bible stories.We can tell stories about God’s word to our children so that they can feel that God’s love is very tangible.


Some reflections from Sunday school:
Today I saw kids all listened to the message quitely and well. And after the message, they were so active and made a lot of noise. More and more I felt they could have right focus.
Myself got many healings through being with kids. Today one small thing happened. When we memorising the bible verse, some naughty boys that didn’t want to memorise kept touching the screen. So the screen turned off. Other people couldn’t memorise as well. I said to one boy if you didn’t want to momorise, you did not need to. He started to say it was not me to turn off the screen. I said how could I trust what you said. He bursted into tears. I was very shocked even so young but each soul was sensitive about love and hate. He left the classroom crying. I didn’t know what to do and said to him I was very sorry if I misunderstood you. After he listened to the apologize several times, he stopped crying and back to the classroom by himself and started to play with other kids. Through this small thing, what I realized is every young soul has feeling and even more sensitive than adult. If I stand well and follow God’s way to live, they will change and follow adult.

When we love them, and play with them. They will happy.