Know God Know Peace

Reflection from Nina Laird-Fusilli

The peace of God which passes all understanding is beyond our comprehension.
In my life, I have only experienced glimpses of peace.

Jesus said in His Word, “My Peace I give you, not as the world gives. Let not your heart be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27

I saw an expression years ago which said, “No God, no peace. Know God, Know peace.”
In the absence of God in our lives, is the presence of the world’s substitute for peace. The truth is anything that the world offers for peace is only temporary and may lead us further down the road to destruction.

Let us draw near to God and He will help us to know what it is like to experience true Shalom peace.

After all, He is the Prince of Peace.


@Steven this is quite true. Without God, there are things that will tempt us, things that will shake our faith, things like wars, weapons, vengeance, fights, crimes are everywhere. People are being distracted with material things. People are being possessed with power, money and authority. But these things are only temporary. Not knowing that the only thing we need in life is God. With God, we can experience the real peace. Peace within ourselves. Peace within our hearts and minds. Peace with God. I hope everyone realize that these things are nothing. And I hope people will start to seek God’s peace instead.

@Steven: Nice read! Knowing true peace comes from knowing the true God. If we trust God with our situations, our hearts will not fear. And the peace of God will keep our hearts from strife and contention and from the drama of life. Sometimes, it’s just best to walk away in order to keep the peace.

“27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)”

“No God, No peace. Know God, Know peace”. Thank you for this short reflection @Steven! This is so true. Without God, there will be no peace but if we have God in our lives, we will be able to experience peace in a way that even if there would be tribulations in our life, there is still joy in our hearts and we can confidently say, “This too shall pass.”

Wow @Steven I really needed this. Right now I am really experiencing set backs after set backs in life. The more I struggle to get closer to God, the more problem arises. I know that God is behind my back and this is just part of the journey that God wants me to take. Many thanks sir for fueling my lamp, as the bible says in Psalm 119:105 " Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path", and the words you shared is just the fuel I needed for my lamp right now.

Hi @Steven I hope you’re having a great day!
Thank you for sharing this. It is indeed true! Without God’s grace, people are going to be lost. “No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.” This is really powerful. Many people are blinded with power and it leads them to a path with no peace. Let us pray for the people who are lost and is yet to find the Lord. Amen.

Hello my brother in Christ @Steven thank you for this wonderful word it reminds me How God love’s us so much I remember way back i didn’t know Him as my personal savior my Life is so full of mess i cant handle my problems on my own I have no direction in life but God is good he turned my mourning into dancing he turned my sadness into joy I thank Him because its so Good to have Jesus as my personal savior in my Life.

Definitely true! I lived a very dark life before, I was suicidal and alone. But when I accepted the Lord God, started to read His word and meditate on it, I found my peace. Every battle I face now is easy because the Lord God is there to guide me. I feel safe and loved! A spiritual glow up is a must!

Hello, dear @Steven,
I love the reflections of Nina, she has great insight on life and it shows she does have a great deal of faith.
We are constantly looking for peace in our lives, we hate the chaos or the uncertainty that comes from not having a job, no money or not knowing what to believe. Well to be more precise, we are looking for God in our lives, is the only way to be happy and at peace with ourselves. God is the true way.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Yes. When we will not believe in God it might be resulted to chaos, and when you know God, peace will prevail in the community.